26 July 2013

NO Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Personal Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 25, 2386 04:00] (Sec Lev 18)

Loc: Location Unknown

"Give us something to think about this week." Well, here we are and I hope we are all thinking. We are going to have to cooperate like never before to escape this one alive. We have made a very powerful enemy. He pulled of a very sophisticated and intricate operation and we are now facing a show trial, execution, and erasure from all records.

What we know:

  1. Garten has been destroyed. Anything powerful enough to take him out, can destroy us out of hand.
  2. This points to the snatch and grab operation happening back in the Orin system after the Rhynoan delegates disembarked from the Victory.
  3. There are enemy terran operatives on-board the ships, Anedra, Echolyn and perhaps the newly acquired Terran cruiser. There was a lot of spooky action.
  4. Lenny and Denabrago are alive but Denabrago has been heavily beaten.
  5. Tyreces is not in force restraints. However it is obvious he is not happy at all.
  6. Our adversary took us to easily so may underestimate our capabilities. Especially for Kitsune, Gunny, Lenny, and Denebrago. Who knows what augmentation Tyreces may be hiding.
  7. The Minister is frightened. I think she is operating under duress.
  8. We are looking at a political power play by Tyrece's rival. His plan will make Rhynoa uninhabitable. The indigenous population is expendable.
  9. All this will be hidden from the Rhynoans, Utosians, and Nye-Oren. If word of the genocide leaks their plan fails.
  10. I had a week's long block of meetings scheduled with the Nye-Oren, Utossian, and the Rhynoan Council. Hopefully it will raise questions. Paetra will wonder what is going on. Perhaps she will speak with Modayah and Nesche.
  11. With the fleet on point an armed fleet operation would not be effective.
  12. Hopefully they did not find all of our secrets.
  13. We are out numbered and I doubt we will have anyone risk their lives for us. Perhaps I'm too cynical, I'd love to be proven wrong.
  14. They have not pulled my jacks and since I have been aboard the Victory I have adapters to use Terran standard connectors. I can still interface with the systems. (hopefully).


  1. Phaerian invasion before we are executed.
  2. The Box shows up and the fun begins.
  3. The Nye-Oren and Utossians figure out what is happening and want a closer look.