20 January 2013

Sit-Rep 003

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Does Anybody Know What Time it is?

Mission Log: Kitsune Yammashita

[Feb 13, 0346 time] (Sec Lev 12) All Sections

Loc: UFSC Victory in orbit (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-300 hr

Subject: task checklist progress report/solutions. Ref task time allocation form.

We need to get departmental and team leaders to ramrod the assorted projects needed to pull off a miracle. Any comments or feedback? We need to get our ducks in a row.

Transmission Ends:

19 January 2013

Relax Peter!

Mission Log: Kitsune Yammashita

[Feb 13, 0346 time] (Sec Lev 12) cc. dep-team 1

Loc: UFSC Victory in orbit (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-300 hr

Squire Message to Peter von Swantz [sec lev 14]

Peter, read and give me your feedback...BTW please do not freak out when I do what I do. Atoom is a cream-puff. He may be scum, but he can be our scum. He is very good at the game I give him that. BTW please get security to sweep the Palm 20 etc for surveillance devices. One thing I learned is Atoom has had us under an unblinking eye and has been busy building his own dossiers. I think you will agree this is unacceptable. But with proper handling I think he will roll over and play nice doggie. If not I can damp all power sources in Jenko for a couple hours to remind Atoom who is in charge. He is an opportunist and he thinks we can provide opportunities. //attached atoom/yamashita-01-1

Presentation Working Script

I welcome you and offer an open hand in the name of fraternity and cooperation. Life is precious in the deep expanse of space. We Traveled here to see what had not been seen before What we saw was why we are here today. We had not hoped to find intelligent life in this star system. We found you, and when looking closely we discovered we have found our own people .so far from our home.

Run Genome Match Presentation

Events are have transpired,which has made our our lives even more precious than we ever dreamed. There is a threat to your mutual safety which is rapidly running their course.We stand at the gates of oblivion but we must not fear.

Together through cooperation we will all survive and thrive. We are one people and we reach out to protect family no matter how far from home who find them self in danger.

Run Simulation Latest: [full hologram version]

We have a plan to ensure the survival of all Rhynoans no matter what species. There will be some geophysical disturbances, however we are working to make any discomfort as minimal as possible. In me you have a voice for your concerns and aspirations.

There is a common threat to our survival. A war which has swept through known space The deadliest enemy in known space has discovered Rhynoa and seeks conquest, slavery and genocide. This I will NOT! allow... Nor would anyone of you. Working together Rhynoa shall bloom again a jewel in the community of space-faring species.

Run Phaerian comp.[Baeldra Attack, Earth Attack, selected security stock footage.]

I have requested protective status through to protect your planetary sovereignty. When you are ready You will be given your rightful place among space-faring civilizations. To do this you must lay aside any old grievances and focus on rebuilding your planet. There are many wounds to your world still in need of healing. You need to thrive and have more happy babies. But if you need to fight, there is more than enough opportunity to gain honor in combat protecting your home at our side.

Transmission Ends:

17 January 2013

Hello Victory, Kitty's Back!

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamishita

[Feb 12, 20:06 time] (Sec Lev 14)

Loc: Waverider transorbital to Victory (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-305 hr

Attention Victory: on arrival please assemble the negotiation/security teams. Also have medical standing by with my vaccination for Rhynoan Flu. A fresh dress uniform for this circus would also be a good thing.

Ekolyn Base: mission accomplished. Does anyone have a 20 on O'Brian?

We have the football Kitty's back!

Transmission Ends:

16 January 2013

A Blast From the Past

Personal Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 15:52] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: New Baeldra (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr

Life on Rhynoa has changed me. It is like I had lived in a small box half blind and powerless. I have been reborn and now fully I am awake. Something happened which drove the point home. While in the middle of dealing with logistical issues and hammering out details for the conference with the powers that be on the surface a voice filled my head. What made matters even stranger is the voice was of someone I thought was most likely dead at the hands of Phaerian agents. It was one of the Strango brothers. In our silent conversation I was able to establish the fact they were still alive.

I took a chance to test out new found abilities I have discovered to try an experiment. I trusted my intuition and assumed a stable posture suited for meditation. I opened up and pushed out in an attempt to project my being out to manifest where the voice was coming from. For a first attempt I was more successful than I could have hoped for. I was suddenly in a cabin with the Strangos, Deshem was tending to his brother who was sprawled on the deck when he looked up and saw me there. Our communication was cut short when a Pharaen appeared, looked at me and suddenly I was thrown back into my body shaken and filled with nausea.

With the aid of the Gendaow I was able to pinpoint the location of the ship they were on and forward the information to security on Echalan Base. Gunny informed me the base was on a security lock-down and there are a few situations seriously in need of a solution.

My partial success with projection tempted me to make a second attempt to project my awareness onto the base. It was like being a ghost walking the corridors to the main control room. The major was there but unaware of my presence. I was surprised when Lenny turned and looked at me. He slapped his eye and looked again,his fingers danced over his squire unit. Then he spoke and said "Kit is that you?". The major was still oblivious. It took Lenny sending him the proper settings but he seemed to still have problems bring me into focus. Fatigue quickly set in and I was forced to drop the projection. I was nauseated and got the impression my wetware was the only thing that kept me from vomiting. In the end I did discover 2 things: (1) I can project through a force field and rock. (2) There is more to Lenny than meets the eye. I need to buy him a drink and get to know him.

On my end things are moving quickly. Coordinating communications with Victory and with the aid of Modayah for the cooperation of the Idree in the rescue mission. Ardree and Modyah listened to my requests and retired to private quarters to confer. When they returned they were in the company of an ancient Humanoid. From his lavender eyes it was obvious he was Idree. At first he stood silent gazing deep into me. I did not close my mind to him but invited him to look into my mind. He remained impassive but stated that Although Ardree was young, he granted permission to have him speak for his people. There is little to do but return to the Victory with Ardree and the female Gendaow representative Paetra.

So much to do and so little time. Banshee is fueled and ready for take-off. Time to get this show on the road.

Transmission Ends:

07 January 2013

Calculating a Chimera Drive-Activated Jump

To calculate the possibility of performing a jump, whether subject is a small item the size of a suitcase or a full planetary system, the exchange factor must first be calculated:

  • ·         Calculate remaining time before wave hits, and pit it against fixing the Thucydides…take into account of saving the planet population and N-TRIDIAL supply: 

At time of securing the Echolyn base, the estimation was about 328 (hours).

  • ·         Learn about the Medaveryl Sphere’s capabilities, and how it can implement a sustained field by which the defining mass to be exchanged can be accessed by the Chimera drive.

With help from Modyah (Gendaow), Tyriceus was given a simple procedure for harnessing the Medaveryl Sphere to power up the Chimera drive.

  • ·         Calculate the use of N-TRIDIAL to stabilize such an endeavor, as well as dilution factor, if any.

  • ·         Implement the EHTOU (Event Horizon Telescopic Observation Unit) apparatus/Chimera Drive’ still intact on the Thucydides, or duplicated via a replicator. With an N-TRIDIAL enhancement (?) it can then plot a new course to the exchange target.

  • ·         Set up a main acceleration unit, and outlying transponders in order to create the spherical ‘definition’ field, which will include and determine all matter that is desired to be exchanged.

  • ·         Determine the exchange target’s mass volume-to-density number. The number should be within 5% greater for the target planet—NOTE that a jump cannot occur if the target number is less than the object to be jumped.  The defining mass-to-density is based on Earth, so Earth’s number is derived from a  Of the planets marked for terraforming, which are positioned in capable systems able to support life (sun belt), the following are the possibilities in regard to mass exchange equality: Volume = 1.00 / Density = 1.00
VOL/MASS (Based on Earth @ 1.00)
(Rynoan Exchange)
.93 / .86
Terraform in process
.90 / .90
0.0102 (+ 1%)
Currently: Life  up to invertebrate  / in process for colonization
.87 / .96
0.0354 (+3.5%)
Newly added via Tyriceus’ recent recollection* Life up to microbial present
.82 / .98
0.0038 (+.038%)
*Tyriceus proclaims that this bit of news is very new, in that the unconfirmed report came in less than two days before the mission was launched. Indigar is a planet in the Caiddian system which Terran intelligence proclaims to be a joint Utosian/Nye-Orin terraform that looks to be targeted as completed with four months of the date the dispatch was released.  NOTE: if a jump is administered and Indigar is 'destroyed', then the Utosians and Nye-Orins may stake a claim to Rynoa, since they (would) have invested heavily in the planet that was occupying the ‘official space’ (jump target). Could be one for the intergalactic lawyer foundations(!)

The closer to 0.0 in the jump factor, the smoother the transition.
Calculation Example:
Rynoa  - .93 x .86 = .0.7998 (of Earth);       Deshem - .90 x .90 = .8100
Difference factor:            Tolerance range for Rynoa is 0.7998 + (5%)  [.7998 + 0.03999] = between 0.7998 & .83979
 Factor for Deshem is .8100, so difference between factor Rynoa and Deshem, which has to be greater at the target end (Deshem), is 0.0102. This is slightly over 1%, which is within the 5% maximum tolerance factor.
This means that an energy release of 2.9% of the vol/mass differential is released simultaneously at the end of a successful jump. It is estimated that a jump occurrence with a difference over 5% would initiate a chain reaction back to the entire mass/volume of the jumped planet, thereby destroying it in the process.

Just something to think about, if you wish. I'll post or show the Quandrant map, which lays out as follows:
Q1 = Earth Quadrant (Jengartha) Q2 = Nye-Orin & Utoshian Quadrant (Caiddian) Q3 = Phaeran Quadrant (Palpio).  Q4, beyond Q3, is uncharted but named Begglu Quadrant. The Quadrand beyond that (Q5) would be the Baledran Quadrant, home of the Gendoaw (Baledra).

- your Eye in the Sky (EHTOU)

Sit-Rep 002

I've added a link to a free standing site for a technical readouts on Ships, vehicles, and technologies. It makes the pages for them redundant. We get 10 pages total for the blog to add extra information and we may need them for other purposes later. Please note the list for puzzling evidence. It links to the play list for videos on the box.

New Help, New Hope

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 15:31] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: New Baeldra (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr


Of the two planets most favorable for the targeted jump exchange my vote is for the target in Utosian space. We have already sent a warning to evacuate. Changing targets and issuing new warnings could be fatal for any personnel on that planet.

The rescued personnel from the Thucydides should be be assigned as quickly as possible to section officers. Whether they will work on base or the Victory is a matter of the section officer's discretion.

Medical Personnel - Dr. Asham Rashid
  • Gendry Hollis, M.D., M.D.E (Medical Engineer)
  • Karen Robson, M.D.
  • Michael 'Mick' Lochrist, M.D.
Psychological Personnel - Dr. Peter von Swantz
  • Lucas Gannon
  • Simon Lafferty
  • Elmina Juarez
Technical Personnel - Dr. HermanTyriceus
  • Rose Hadden, Matter Transference Technician
  • Galis Moiraine Optics Technician, specifically EHTOU-class.


The rescue of the Strango brothers and retrieval of the Phaerian casualties on the incoming freighter is imperative.

Communications with the existing population are coming in and a new update on the situation is needed ASAP. All communications from the surface should be handled by the communication team on-board the Victory. Their translator files for the different Rhynoan languages so it should be a simple matter. I have tasked the Victory to teleport delegations on-board and make facilities available for the conference. Security procedures will be handled by our security chief Markus O'Brian. I presume in addition to testing representatives to rule out Phaerian operatives nanite and weapon scans will be in effect. The conference will be short, however it is necessary for the ongoing diplomatic mission. I will be attending the conference with representatives of the Genduw and Idree. This will also allow transporting the "package" to the Victory where it can be delivered to base.
Please keep me apprised of any new events.
Transmission Ends:

06 January 2013

Sit-Rep 001

The rescued mates from the Thucydides that may be of immediate assistance:
MEDICAL PERSONNEL - (female) Gendry Hollis, M.D., M.D.E (Medical Engineer); Karen Robson, M.D.; Michael 'Mick' Lochrist, M.D.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSONNEL (All psych personnel = degrees/practice in psychiatry + Ph.D. or Psy. D) - Lucas Gannon; Simon Lafferty; Elmina Juarez

OTHER PERSONNEL OF INTEREST - Rose Hadden, Matter Transference Technician; (male) Galis Moiraine (pronounced 'geh-LEE M'wha - RAIN') Optics Technician, specifically EHTOU-class.

The two planets most favorable for a targeted jump exchange (back in the USFC known quadrants), based on the (off the top of my head) matter/density ratio of no more than 0.05...this ratio and space volume may or may not include the target planet's moon(s), which may bring the ratio closer to stability. There are more, but the colonization worlds work best because they have very low (skeleton crew) populations, which consist of very few on the surface, and the planet is situated within the 'life zone' distance from its own sun.

As stated during the 1-3-12 session, cryo-stasis during the jump is not necessary, as the organic being would pass the near 52 hour jump as an instantaneous passing (though it would improve on safety measures). However, whatever effect caused by the difference in the mass/volume exchange would result in tumultuous 'planet adjustment', which may include massive storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, temperature flux spikes and all that good stuff for a period of hours to days--this would be experienced immediately by the jump subject.

I'll try to post more as I get it organized, including lotsa visuals.

your Eye in The Sky (EHTOU)

03 January 2013

Devil in the Details

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 12, 2386 15:15:47] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory New Baeldra Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr

Work progresses on the Gendaow part of the grand solution. Arrangements have been made to begin tests and interrogations by the Gendaow. I have discovered the existence of a lost group of Gendaow survivors who escaped Baeldra during the Phaerian Genocide. There is hope that the species can rebuild a viable civilization on a new home world.

One thing bothers me. Hidden in the specifications of the Chiamera drive briefing I see a potential danger. There are safety measures which will protect the Terrans, however without the help of the Idree we may well save the planet but doom the inhabitants to death or at least serious cellular damage. I am forwarding data to Tyrecies and Dr. Rashid. I a now discussing the issue with Modayah and Idree. I think we have the key to the problem.

The Secret of the Idree

We know during the nuclear war on Rhynoa the casualty rate was dramatically lower than any optimistic projection we can make. From records it appears the Idree were able to save the planet in those dark days. I am taking Ardree home to see if they can help save the population of Rhynoa once again.

Military Madness

Transmissions from the Base are cause for worry. Ever since we arrived the military has attempted to pervert our mission into a military exercise and a treasure hunt for more shiny toys to kill people easier. Che has exhibited extremely erratic behavior and judgement. I do not think he has the best interest of the expedition in mind. This is a worry since he has seized control of the most dangerous technologies we have found on Rhynoa.

I am left with no choice but to formally request a psyche evaluation of major Magoo to determine his ability to exercise command. Formal notice has been sent to both Dr. von Swantz and command of the Victory.(Sec Lev 13)

Transmission Ends: