05 June 2013

Even Space Girls Get The Blues

Personal Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 25, 2386 04:00] (Sec Lev 18)

Loc: UTFS Victory in orbit around Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-22:00 hr

The final countdown has begun. We have been rotating some of the crew to have a slim percentage who have rested. All stations are reporting nominal and we are ahead of schedule. Why am I still fearful at this late stage of the game? That fear may be what stands between me my own folly. We've been faced with a Gordian knot. My solution was to draw my sword. Slowly the rest of the crew had to agree to my plan. Fate gave us what we needed to survive. Whether we use it is our choice to make.

Our original experimental Chimera drive had an application nobody involved in the project considered. Simply put. Size does not matter. It is a question of power and matching the mass of a given remote point. It is not so much moving as an exchange of matter. Call it entanglement or Einstein's bugaboo, Spooky Action The key is being just barely less massive than your new target location.The most important thing is my discovery rewrites the book on space travel as we know it.

Anton is working the new enhancements to the drive. It is a massless system which will allow direct jumps without the matter exchange. If we survive the next week we can take this idea up again. Now is a time for immediate action.

Gunny is on Rhynoa locking down a huge underground spaceport/arcology. Someone has functioning fusion reactors hot and running. The bad news is it is surrounded by 38000 lizard heavily armed Sylvean war-band. I have started working on a diplomatic mission. I have meetings with a splinter group out to depose the current Warlord and replace him with more reasonable leaders. I have ideas about how to instigate a coups. They are leaving us no choice. For the good of the planet's inhabitants there are two paths. One path leads to cooperation and a member's seat at the table in Rhyoan affairs. The other path leads to genocide. Personally I would prefer cooperation. However, I will take any action called for to unify this planet so they can become members in the UTFC.

I'm keeping an eye on my new XO. He is charming, loyal, eager and always comes down on the side of by the book. This is a double edged sword. Some day if he survives I have an important decision about his life. Do I promote him to his own command, recruit him as an asset for the Terran Intelligence Directorate, or give him the kiss of death? Only time will tell. I hate when my ruthless side makes me think in terms of kiss or kill. I bet Peter has tons of ideas about it in that dusty pile of books he loves so much. Organics are so old fashioned and repressed. Perhaps if his advice about how I need to be more submissive in negotiations, so as to not intimidate the male representatives made sense, I might take him seriously. Pete the 17th century is calling, answer your squire unit. To be honest, I like him, however his growing addiction to the Enciviar is frightening. The problem is he does not seem to see it.

I long for the day when I can rest. A time to enjoy the fruits of our sacrifice. Maybe even a time to love. There are days when even Space-girls get the blues. [Squire: request/music/Bessie Smith] There are days we all need a little sugar in our bowl. We can all dream a little dream.

Victory never sleeps, and neither does her commander. Time again to pull my big girl britches up, grab some coffee and get back to work. I wonder if Paetra is sleeping. I need some sisterly support.

Kitsune Out.

[Activate: Black-Ice(TID)]
Transmission Ends: