13 March 2013

Bush War!

Com Log: Cmdr. Yamashita (Victory)

[Feb 13, 2386 14:00] (Sec Lev 4

Loc: Echolynn base Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-282 hr

To all Rhynoan governments tech level 6+

"It has come to my attention a bush war has broken out between two non-responsive governments who have refused to take part in our agreement to cooperate in a time of danger. What in the hell are these idiots thinking? Only fools fights in a burning house! This petty bush war must be stopped. As per the powers stated in the provisional articles of confederation we have been establishing the power of a unified Rhynoa to end this conflict before either side resorts to use of fissionable weapons must be brought to a close the sooner the better. I make this request for the well being of all of Rhynoa.

I am enclosing a frequency which will render combatants unable to continue armed combat. I wholeheartedly encourage the use of the information to put a end to this hostility immediately."

attached specs-brown noise.

Transmission Ends:


  1. Frequency check...transmission uplink from New Baeldra...confirm Gendoaw transmission from Terril, New Baeldra Security:

    Base Echolynn: transmission copy on skirmish. Report: Karalese region troops vs. Lackratte raiders, who have united under an unknown drifter from the Serrachian wastes, who goes by the name of Gegrah Monde. No fission-capable weapons detected, though there are curious readings, which bear investigation. Invite Echolynn representative(s) to accompany NB sortie accompanied by Iddry elder, Woulora Shreme under fully-armored and escorted Skiver Division Assault team (New Baeldran).

    - copy? (EHTOU)