01 February 2013

Events Log (RT 1-31-13)

Here's a bonus run down of the events gleaned from the latest session passed:

Testing the Wave

The energy blast conceived and put forth by Che and Modyah from the Echolynn launch caused a (perceived) 30 second blackout all over the Rynoan system, including the asteroid belt. Although the general perception was 30 seconds, JOMM confirmed that the time lapse was actually 3 hours (but no one perceives it that way). Curiously, the target where the energy struck the oncoming wave area began to crystalize for reasons unknown, but though the blackout condition seemed to be a direct ‘bounce’ from the Wave, and it seemed to act like an EMP. It was in fact, an ECP (Electro-Chronic Pulse), which threw forth a wave of ‘time’ distortion.

Perhaps it is a coincidence, but shortly after recovery, the Cube appeared in the Enciviar. Dr. VS, Modyah, Tyriceus (and without question, his entourage, Leni Bronsen and Garden, his personal SCIPR unit (acronym, pronounced  ‘SY-pur’…Self-Contained Idiom Persona Robot). Modyah was visibly disturbed by something, and seemed to be suddenly occupied with something that had to do with his people’s missing leader, Sifon. Tyriceus picked up the Cube and began to somehow channel in perfect High Gendoawan, a message to Modyah: They were compelled to  ‘travel to the point in time  to locate a small (3.75 second) window of opportunity to a point just before the Singularity event on Tristippe’. At that time, Sifon would consult with them directly.

Modyah sent for one of his ‘special’ ships (also a Sifon creation), which traveled extremely fast, on its own, and when it arrived it shrunk from 60’ x 20’ (lozenge shape) to the size of a small bowl.  This is how the time trip can commence…

The new ship will be ‘reconstituted’ to an agreeable size within the Enciviar.  Then both ships will meld controls and form a gestalt, which will become able to transverse the distance and the time back to Tristippe to find the window of opportunity (and locate Sifon), who will consult with them about something of seemingly grave importance.

The meeting of the Hastily-Formed Rynoan Civilian Counsel On Board The U.S.S. Victory

This went off fairly smoothly, mostly due to the calming effect of the presence of Hammon, the Iddry elder.  The members, though concerned about safety measures and belief, are complacent enough to take the strong suggestions given by the committee, prompted and backed by Terran science projection reports, the seemed to be convinced that they must hunker down and prepare for an emergency most likely to bring about severe atmospheric, weather and ground conditions. They are also charged with getting the word out to their immediate outlying areas, who did not have representation at the meeting.  Kit has charged them with directing any questions to her…they were given a few items, mainly important, including a paired down version of the Squire units for direct communication linkage (and a somewhat guarded channel system). Kit has also carried on with some pre-meetings with certain personnel on board the Victory.

Marcus O’Brien’s Upgrades from the Strango Brothers (Denem and Bramen):

The main upgrade O'Brien is going to receive is per Denem Strango’s encounter with the Phaerans. Denem believes a certain roving pulse at a frequency that his own dimensions (internal chip, etc.) possessed, allowed him to break free of the constrains of the initial Phaeran attack on him and his brother back at Metchmer Depot. However, he will note that his brother did not overcome the swoon, and also that it did not save them from the initial onslaught. He reasons though, that when it was boosted by his own awareness and concentration, as was the fact when Denem encountered the Phaerans with full knowledge, the Phaeran psionics were ineffective. In addition to this, Denem added a few tweaks based on his experience, so the upgrade may (or may not) work to a better effect than expectations. Beware: this is not a neutralizer, but a defense…the Phaeran could make adjustments on their own, should they come into knowledge on how the Strango revisions are controlled by the body in which they are planted.

Here’s a list of additional upgrades the Strangos are equipping O’Brien with:

  • Auxiliary improvement on the Tyriceus (V19) chip, which is inclusive of the change Modyah made to their chips earlier.  This should give the original chip yet another boost of defense on any frontal Pharean assault, unless it’s a combined Pharean assault with several Pharean subjects concentrating an attack in unison. Bramen believes it will also lessen by around half, the prolonged effect of paralysis or system shock should he (O'Brien) succumb to an attack.
  • Auxiliary eye (removing and storing his natural one, which can be re-instated later if necessary) that can do the following: Infared, x-ray (gamma), night vision (can be momentarily blinded if in this mode, though).
  • Regeneration (additional chip augmentation) plus a nanobyte infusion, good for eight (8) years.

NOTE that any member may receive these same, and/or some additional featured 'Strango wetware' if you wish to risk the time involved in getting the upgrade and recovering.  The Strangos can do no more than two subjects at roughly the same time, as they assist each other.  The risk is a roll for system shock, and a period of no less than 12 hours, more for additional or difficult implementations. 

...so if you made it this far to view the page, enjoy the additional review, and information.


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  1. There are a couple troubling side notes:

    1. There may be a reluctance to the idea of warning the Sylvans due to their hostile tendencies and their view human Rhynoans are food animals. We may need their warlike nature in the upcoming war. One would hope they find Phaerians an even more appetizing dinner selection. Their immunity to beam weapons can be a great tactical advantage.

    2. The buzz is we may be attacked via the wormhole before the Chimera swap. Rough estimates for the invasion is approximately 3-5 days. Hopefully the Gendauw robotic fleet can fight them at the breach. We should have the element of surprise.

    3. The invasion may well happen before the ETOU unit is online. It is vital to protect it from falling into enemy hands. I am not sure if the remote viewer on the Encivar would bean acceptable replacement, but do we want to take the risk? This needs to be examined in greater depth.

    4.There is evidence certain city states on Rhynoa may have had dealings with the Phaerians. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with through covert surgical operations. Monitoring of this situation has a high priority status.It would be better if the situation was handed by Rhynoans. However if all else fails I estimate a triage team of 5 hand picked specialists would do the trick if need be.

    That is my short list ATM, However events may transpire which will compound, eliminate, or add to the list of complications.

    Thoughts anyone?