26 July 2013

NO Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Personal Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 25, 2386 04:00] (Sec Lev 18)

Loc: Location Unknown

"Give us something to think about this week." Well, here we are and I hope we are all thinking. We are going to have to cooperate like never before to escape this one alive. We have made a very powerful enemy. He pulled of a very sophisticated and intricate operation and we are now facing a show trial, execution, and erasure from all records.

What we know:

  1. Garten has been destroyed. Anything powerful enough to take him out, can destroy us out of hand.
  2. This points to the snatch and grab operation happening back in the Orin system after the Rhynoan delegates disembarked from the Victory.
  3. There are enemy terran operatives on-board the ships, Anedra, Echolyn and perhaps the newly acquired Terran cruiser. There was a lot of spooky action.
  4. Lenny and Denabrago are alive but Denabrago has been heavily beaten.
  5. Tyreces is not in force restraints. However it is obvious he is not happy at all.
  6. Our adversary took us to easily so may underestimate our capabilities. Especially for Kitsune, Gunny, Lenny, and Denebrago. Who knows what augmentation Tyreces may be hiding.
  7. The Minister is frightened. I think she is operating under duress.
  8. We are looking at a political power play by Tyrece's rival. His plan will make Rhynoa uninhabitable. The indigenous population is expendable.
  9. All this will be hidden from the Rhynoans, Utosians, and Nye-Oren. If word of the genocide leaks their plan fails.
  10. I had a week's long block of meetings scheduled with the Nye-Oren, Utossian, and the Rhynoan Council. Hopefully it will raise questions. Paetra will wonder what is going on. Perhaps she will speak with Modayah and Nesche.
  11. With the fleet on point an armed fleet operation would not be effective.
  12. Hopefully they did not find all of our secrets.
  13. We are out numbered and I doubt we will have anyone risk their lives for us. Perhaps I'm too cynical, I'd love to be proven wrong.
  14. They have not pulled my jacks and since I have been aboard the Victory I have adapters to use Terran standard connectors. I can still interface with the systems. (hopefully).


  1. Phaerian invasion before we are executed.
  2. The Box shows up and the fun begins.
  3. The Nye-Oren and Utossians figure out what is happening and want a closer look.

05 June 2013

Even Space Girls Get The Blues

Personal Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 25, 2386 04:00] (Sec Lev 18)

Loc: UTFS Victory in orbit around Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-22:00 hr

The final countdown has begun. We have been rotating some of the crew to have a slim percentage who have rested. All stations are reporting nominal and we are ahead of schedule. Why am I still fearful at this late stage of the game? That fear may be what stands between me my own folly. We've been faced with a Gordian knot. My solution was to draw my sword. Slowly the rest of the crew had to agree to my plan. Fate gave us what we needed to survive. Whether we use it is our choice to make.

Our original experimental Chimera drive had an application nobody involved in the project considered. Simply put. Size does not matter. It is a question of power and matching the mass of a given remote point. It is not so much moving as an exchange of matter. Call it entanglement or Einstein's bugaboo, Spooky Action The key is being just barely less massive than your new target location.The most important thing is my discovery rewrites the book on space travel as we know it.

Anton is working the new enhancements to the drive. It is a massless system which will allow direct jumps without the matter exchange. If we survive the next week we can take this idea up again. Now is a time for immediate action.

Gunny is on Rhynoa locking down a huge underground spaceport/arcology. Someone has functioning fusion reactors hot and running. The bad news is it is surrounded by 38000 lizard heavily armed Sylvean war-band. I have started working on a diplomatic mission. I have meetings with a splinter group out to depose the current Warlord and replace him with more reasonable leaders. I have ideas about how to instigate a coups. They are leaving us no choice. For the good of the planet's inhabitants there are two paths. One path leads to cooperation and a member's seat at the table in Rhyoan affairs. The other path leads to genocide. Personally I would prefer cooperation. However, I will take any action called for to unify this planet so they can become members in the UTFC.

I'm keeping an eye on my new XO. He is charming, loyal, eager and always comes down on the side of by the book. This is a double edged sword. Some day if he survives I have an important decision about his life. Do I promote him to his own command, recruit him as an asset for the Terran Intelligence Directorate, or give him the kiss of death? Only time will tell. I hate when my ruthless side makes me think in terms of kiss or kill. I bet Peter has tons of ideas about it in that dusty pile of books he loves so much. Organics are so old fashioned and repressed. Perhaps if his advice about how I need to be more submissive in negotiations, so as to not intimidate the male representatives made sense, I might take him seriously. Pete the 17th century is calling, answer your squire unit. To be honest, I like him, however his growing addiction to the Enciviar is frightening. The problem is he does not seem to see it.

I long for the day when I can rest. A time to enjoy the fruits of our sacrifice. Maybe even a time to love. There are days when even Space-girls get the blues. [Squire: request/music/Bessie Smith] There are days we all need a little sugar in our bowl. We can all dream a little dream.

Victory never sleeps, and neither does her commander. Time again to pull my big girl britches up, grab some coffee and get back to work. I wonder if Paetra is sleeping. I need some sisterly support.

Kitsune Out.

[Activate: Black-Ice(TID)]
Transmission Ends:

25 May 2013

To look into the eyes of the unknown

Ship's Log: Cmdr Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 18, 2386 12:00] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: UTP Victory in orbit Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-24:00hr

UTP Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
UTP Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
The hours pass and the time draws near for the moment we have worked and planned for. There is still much to do but the main systems needed for the Chimera Exchange are operating nominally. We have discovered the service dock for the Niad (Anedra Base). It has five ships connected and hopefully in working order. The Niad crew will form the core of the flight operations with the aid of Rhynoan volunteers and New Bealdrin robots. The carriers will help defend us when we come out into the disorganized but still formidable Phaerian Planetary Assault Fleet.
The diplomatic mission with the Rhynoan states has helped set up a confederation and the mechanism for a planetary standing army. They have formally petitioned for member status in the USFC. We may need all the friends we can get on the other side of known space. Let's remember this is their planet,
Several events have transpired in sick bay. Dr. Asham Rashid (CMO) and Dr. Peter von Swantz (CPO) were running tests on a crewman from the Nyad when the subject experienced convulsions and rapidly lost consciousness. All attempts to revive him had failed. The patient was placed into stasis to prevent death.
News of the incident was sent to the commander of the Niad, Needless to say he was not pleased. I was able to defuse thye situation. The last thing we can afford is angering the Rhynoans. The stakes are too high to treat it lightly.
The sick bay was brought to high alert when the readings indicated the stasis field was down and the readouts of the patient's life signs went wild. His body spasmed and he bellowed in pain. His eyes opened. No longer blue, but violet. the Iddry on the base were called. They are as shocked as anyone else. They make a request to take him back to the Iddry home lands to protect others and himself from harm. We have seen something no being has seen till now. The spontaneous change from Rhynoan to Iddry. Tyriceus rushes in with Garten and Lenny. I know that look. The look that Aston has found a clue to what he really wants. I know his secret and I have to agree with him.
Once again we had some strange events in sick bay. Captain Ardean has been healing with the aid of one of the symbiont suits. He woke and began talking, slowly, with great effort is called out. I had been conferencing with Dr. Rashid and Paetra when the incident occurred. I decided to try my wraith ware to project into sickbay. I asked Paetra what should we do? Modayah never gave me the instruction manual for this toy. Genwauw have that perpetual dolphin like grin, but her face looked different. I could swear she was giggling. Knowing they have a sense of humor is a revelation. I focus and feel Paetra focus too. Suddenly we are on Eckolyn base in the sick bay. Unlike my previous attempts everyone can see me. Whether it is because I'm gaining control or Paetra is the cause.
The air parts and five Iddry and a tall old Gendauw appear. I recognize the Gendauw. He is one of the senior researchers. The senior Iddry sits on the bed next to the Captain. She smiles and asks him about his ship. to walk the decks and show where it was damaged and how he would repair it. When he falters she asks what would this officer or another would say. While they talk a message arrives from the repair dock. Something is happening to the Thucidites. It was repairing ifs self. All as good as new. Gleaming and ready for space again.
The rebirth of the Thucidites comes with a price. Our captain was carrying a heavy weight. He held the fate of us all in his mind. He is family and we shall care for him and nurse his wounds. But his days as a ship's captain has sadly ended. So say we all.

Morning Announcements.

  • I need status on the crew rescue mission. How soon can you complete it?
  • Recommendation for promotion of current XO of the Victory to Captain chair of the Thucidites.
  • Crew reassignments to man both the Victory and the Thucidites.
  • We need a break down on military assets released by the Rhynoan Confederation. ASAP
  • Commander O'Hara I need you to lead a mission into the base on the surface. You will take your team, several assets from Arkydal Junction and Atum is sending a guide/specialist to advise and secure the base from Sylvean forces. There are approximately five functioning reactors in the complex. Depth of the installation is unknown.
  • Repair status on the Wave rider. How long till Banshee is safe to fly?
  • Status of the relief effort around the blast site. Liaise through team sent by Dr. Asham Rashid.
  • Status of mine deployment and the big surprise.
We are at t-24 hours people. Let's look sharp, stay focused and frosty. To my XO congratulations. You deserve it. The fleet's back in town. Ensign Enrico Juarez please meet me in my ready room.
Transmission Ends:

26 April 2013

Low Tech, Rhynoan Style 01

Rhynoan Low Tech Vehicles.

One of the things I like about the world of Rhynoa is the range of civilizations on the world. On one end of the spectrum we see those who work flint tools and have just rediscovered fire. On the other end we see system wide space travel capability and hidden technology that is superior to Terran development. When on the surface of the planet you never know what you may run in to.

Here is a sample of some of the rarer Vehicles currently in use:

Kezhnet K.01 Auto-Gyro Scout

Kezhnet K.01 Auto-Gyro Scout
Kezhnet K.01 Auto-Gyro Scout Tech Level 5

Short Overview:

The Kezhnet K.01 Auto-Gyro Scout is a recent design created by the Kezhnet Brothers. Their current prototype is powered by two engines. The nose mounted tractor engine is a water cooled radial engine. The rotor engine is a water cooled four cylinder in-line engine. The rotor is a four blade configuration with steel reinforcement rods to improve stability. The semi-monocoque, plywood-skinned fuselage is strong if not light. There is already discussion about a redesign using steel tubing and stretched fabric to save weight.

Grapooz APC-FE1a Armored Car

Grapooz APC-FE1a Armored Car
Grapooz APC-FE1a Armored Car Tech Level 5

Short Overview:

Crude but effective in the wilds. The FE1a is at home where the ability to survive mega-fauna attacks is more important than directly engaging more advanced opponents. The Grapooz powered by a water cooled engine similar to a diesel. The flexibility of fuel source used can also be a deciding factor.

Early Rhynoan Submarine

Early Rhynoan Submarine
Early Rhynoan Submarine

Short Overview:

This vessel was found off the eastern coast of the Great Southern Sea. The submarine was steam powered. Tests run on the ship confirm that it had been repaired and recently in service.

23 April 2013

Meanwhile, Concerning Tyriceus...

Tyriceus Proclaims a New Experiment: 
Tyriceus has been concentrating his attentions on the Medavaryl Sphere. He's been pouring over everything he can dig up in the Echolynn’s Central Control Hub mainframe to learn as much about it as he can. Straightforward, Tyriceus believes he can attempt to build the next Chimera revision to carry off an end-point matterless exchange, whereby the exchange path will occur (currently the matter mapping pathway created by the EHTOU telescopic structuring system).

In theory is goes like this: the array of both physical parties to be exchanged is measured and determined to be within the 5% excess/stability rule.  When the process is initiated, their is already a "sub-structural" balance in place, which simultaneously draws the subjects' atoms to the vector line path of exchange. But if the Medavaryl Sphere can pump a simulated, equal gravitational charge to the equation, it will "fire" the process, and begin to move the approach subject toward the destination subject, and nearly simultaneously begin to move the destination subject toward the approach subject, thus causing the Chimera Effect of mass positional change. But, if during this falsely stimulated exchange the matter is cancelled, then the matter would theoretically 'pause' the process, and leave the approach subject at a point nearer to the approach subject, but not all the way there.

Tyriceus thinks that the Sphere could possible 'fool' the Chimera drive to begin the exchange, and then as long as the process is paused and allowed to 'step down' out of sub-space, the Chimera exchange would have the same effect as a space drive for traveling Parsec-like distances quickly. But, the exchange would have to be paused down before the mass actually arrives at the original coordinates (if it arrives, it will come out of sub-space too quickly, become unstable, and cause an explosion on par with an anti-matter to matter collision). He thinks that by using the Medavaryl Sphere to initiate sequence by applying a sensory ‘grav’ feed (false), and as long as the exchange is cancelled within a timed no-fail cross-over point (say, about 30-45 seconds or so in a step-down process), then the matter will not be released as energy, but retain its physical composure.  In short: the system would only be limited by the EHTOU plotting for navigations.

What's Been Transpiring in the Main Control Center?

Throughout the last week or so, JOMM and Tyriceus have gravitated back to put time at Echolynn's main control center hub.  JOMM has been running simulations based on the upcoming events that seem to be inevitable, to try and anticipate preparations. He has come up with a checklist of things that may be helpful to address:

1) Within the next two hours, it is strongly recommended to generate a Rhynoan draft or volunteer program of able-bodied surface dwellers for immediate induction to assist with manning the two orbital base stations' multiple functions (mining, applying agriculture measures to the wild-growing echosystem, manufacturing, flight and turret gunning training, etc.) for a crash course in apprenticeship. Include any and all with any space or aircraft experience.  Publish the call out to all Rhynoan Counsel members and have a quick medical/physical check, psychic profile and attribute program created and launched at these points. Cut it to transporting at least 200 able subjects (more if qualified) to be space-lifted and reported for duty within the cut-off time of 19 hours from this dictum.

2) Pilot inventory – how many do you have, what can they fly, and do they have back up? Prefer to have living pilots, or highly advanced AI units (very rare).

3) Inventory of global defense system: ground and air and orbital: How many ships?  Ground forces? Troops? Under whose command?

4) Massive scavenge campaign:  Urge all Rynoan counsel regions to create teams to scout out any local caches for war tech equipment. Most desired are orbital environmental suits, space breather units, vacuum-friendly firearms and ordinances, PGS (personal gravity stabilizers), emergency kits, pods, beacons, flares, radio communicators, pre-manufactured parts (JOMM can provide a catalog list of ancient ID codes for parts and maintenance kits)…imperative that teams are mustered and given enough time to perform a scav operation…all useable equipment must be available within 12-18 hours.

5) Retrieval of the ground-to-space large transporter (which was buried under a collapsed roof): A crew was sent a crew down about 3-4 days earlier. UPDATE: They’ve cleared the way and have also been working on the ship itself.  It will be very risky to attempt to take it into orbit, as it’s old and was exposed to years of atmospheric wear (albeit, in the shelter of its bunker).  However, the ground crew thinks it’s worth the risk to try and get it in orbit—if they do, and if they can get it to the ship yard they are confident that it can be fixed up good as new. They will use booster packs to help it leave atmosphere; if it flounders they will have to let it crash and abandon ship. Does the Party want to risk this now?

...more on this at game time.

18 April 2013

Rhynoan Battle Mechs 01

Rhynoan Armored Fighting Mechs.

I thought I'd share a few of the newly revised mech designs.

Night Wind T-6 Fire Support Mech

Night Shadow T-6 Fire Support Mech
Night Wind T-6 Fire Support Mech

Short Overview:

The Night Shadow T-6 Fire Assault Mech was built for long to medium range attacks It carried great firepower, speed, at the cost of armor. One of the most distinctive characteristics is the use of (AHC) Adaptive Heuristic Camouflage. The surface is bonded with a substrate which both reads the landscape, displays a shifting pattern based on the current surroundings. The surface is linked to imaging software which both stores patterns and learns what pattern matches the situation best. This cuts the processing tree allowing faster response time. Armament consisted of four plasma cannons, one large pulse laser array and a mass-driver.

Whirlwind T 4 Fire Support Mech

Whirlwind T 4 Fire Support Mech
Whirlwind T 4 Fire Support Mech

Short Overview:

The Whirlwind T 4 Fire Support Mech was built for long to medium range attacks It carried great firepower, speed, at the cost of armor. One of the most distinctive characteristics is the use of (AHC) Adaptive Heuristic Camouflage. The surface is bonded with a substrate which both reads the landscape, displays a shifting pattern based on the current surroundings. The surface is linked to imaging software which both stores patterns and learns what pattern matches the situation best. This cuts the processing tree allowing faster response time. Armament consisted of two Long Range Missile Launchers, four plasma cannons, one large pulse laser array and a medium range laser.

Morning Star T-6 Heavy Attack Mech

Morning Star T-6 Heavy Attack Mech

Short Overview:

The Morning Star T-6 Heavy Attack Mech was built for long to medium range attacks It carried great firepower, speed, at the cost of armor. One of the most distinctive characteristics is the use of (AHC) Adaptive Heuristic Camouflage. The surface is bonded with a substrate which both reads the landscape, displays a shifting pattern based on the current surroundings. The surface is linked to imaging software which both stores patterns and learns what pattern matches the situation best. This cuts the processing tree allowing faster response time. Armament consisted of two Long Range Missile Launchers, and three large pulse laser arrays.

Building the design around a larger fusion drive allowed the design team to create a winner.

The design was a good balance of firepower, speed, and armor, the larger platform allowed for a pilot and gunner on board and made for a more comfortable ride The crews loved the design because the addition of reactive armor increased chances for survival.