31 March 2013

Rhynoan Battle Tanks

More Rhynoan Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Things are heating up at the forge works. The range of Technology levels is on its way. I have a bunch of primitive vehicles to add once main operational units are covered.

Arvis MBT-1b Main Battle Tank

Arvis-MBT-1b Main Battle Tank

Short Overview:

The Arvis MBT-1b Main Battle Tank design was a good balance of firepower, speed, and armor. One of the most distinctive characteristics is the use of (AHC) Adaptive Heuristic Camouflage. The surface is bonded with a substrate which both reads the landscape, displays a shifting pattern based on the current surroundings. The surface is linked to imaging software which both stores patterns and learns what pattern matches the situation best. This cuts the processing tree allowing faster response time.

Arvis XHT-1a Extra Heavy Tank

Arvis XHT-1a Extra Heavy Tank
Arvis XHT-1a Extra Heavy Tank

Short Overview:

Although the main battle tank design was a good balance of firepower, speed, and armor, there was a limit to improvement. A larger platform than the Main Battle Tank. The addition of reactive armor increased survivability.

Building the design around a larger fusion drive allowed the design team to create a winner. The single main gun was replaced with a dual gun modular installation. Communications and electronic warfare is handled by a networked system. Adding more room for the crew and two man heavy power armor team made for a more comfortable ride.

21 March 2013

The First Station of the Nightmare.

Video clip: Snowflake 0101

Terran Intelligence Directorate

Security Level: 18

Attention - Warning:
Unauthorized access or distribution of Material
is punishable by permanent personality death.

Playback Enabled.

A cool blue glow fills the darkened humming room. Something chirps in time with the oscillation of colored lines dancing in the air. She is 15, dressed in paper gown. A grid of light traces lines over her body.

She shivers in a constant stream of cool air whispering over her skin. "Relax please, do not move, it 's not dangerous but you might break the monitoring link." The technician adjusts her head in the restrainer field. When satisfied the fine adjustments are optimal, she smiles. pressing her thumb on a biometric key mounted on the scanning bed. "Now count backward beginning with 10."


White, freezing cold, trapped unable to move. My right hand is going numb I try to wiggle my fingers only to find they will not open. It dawned on me. My hand was wrapped tight in a larger one. "Father, speak to me, please...". No voice answered. She was alone and going to die on her 12th birthday.

Her conscious faded and she dreams of a party in Paris with her family. She woke to furious digging sounds and the arctic blast roaring through a bright blue hole above her. Yellow figures dug and pulled her out of her prison. They lifted her into a medical pod. As the lid closed she heard the words: Poor kid, there were no more survivors.

In the world outside her dream state an man in a suit peers down at her. His gaze sweeps over the ever changing patterns in the air. He points at a spot on a display and nods his head. "There, just at that memory point. I would like you to set a trigger for this." He hands a technician a memory rod which is slotted into the reader on the bed. "Excellent! Please let me know when she is sent to the recovery suite. I would like to speak with her when she regains consciousness." He looks around the room his eyes making contact with all around him. "Let me remind you everything that happened in this room today is classified top secret. Thank you for your cooperation. When you have finished please report for memory suppression. That is all, good day." He slips into the shadows and exits silently.

Transmission Ends:

16 March 2013

Picking Up the Pieces

Mission Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 14, 2386 02:20] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory orbiting Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-266 hr

Alert Status: Red Alert

Ship Status: Nominal

UTFS Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
UTFS Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.

The Phaerian Sucker Punch

It would seem that we forced the Phaerian's hand and They responded by attempting to destroy what they wanted to gain by a silent takeover. Their plan was audacious and should have worked as they had planned. We did not win this exchange by strategic superiority. It was a matter of luck. Perhaps I am too harsh in my assessment. Without our planning and quick thinking of our people we would all be screwed. Rhynoa would be destroyed and we would have been forced to flee ill prepared for the near future. Kudos to Major Magoo, Dr von Shwantz, Cmdr O'Brien, the crew of the Victory and our Iddry and Gendauw allies.

O'Brien has back tracked and established the launch points for the attack. His immediate reaction was for a strike to neutralize any threat. Initially I was of the same opinion. However on second thought I believe a more measured response is needed. We know Phaerians can use mind control to force people to do their will. Most likely the perpetrators had no knowledge of their actions. We can't lay waste to highly populated areas to kill enemies who in all probability are no longer on the planet. We do need to investigate the explosion on the surface ASAP. It appears to be a trap to lure us into the blast zone. The only reason our expeditionary force survived was due to the presence of an Iddry elder who mitigated the damage.

Orders are as follows:

  • Security Section: I am placing you under command of Cmdr O'Brien. Please give him your full support. We need to be on guard.
  • Diplomatic Team, proof and recheck both the Articles of Confederation, the Petition for USFC Membership, Conference notes and presentations based on attack. work with Communication team to get the conference scheduled for Feb 14, 2386 12:00. Please contact the commander of the Niad to bring an assistant and attend the conference. He will need a per-confrence briefing to bring him up to speed on the current situation.
  • All departments full status reports ASAP
  • Maintenance: Status on repairs of wave rider and progress on key projects
  • Communication team: I need all updates from Echolynn base.
  • We need to test the RABOD field system ASAP.
  • Team Atum: please do a final sweep and prepare for my arrival in an hour.
  • XO to the bridge, You have the con, notify me ASAP if needed.

To the crew of the Victory. No captain of a vessel could be prouder of a crew's service in times of crisis than I am of you. Never have we faced a situation so dire and important. You are my family and I shall never forget it. I will be forced to lead us all into danger, but I will never make you sacrifice in vain. This I swear on my life and honor. We stand on the brink of a new era and we shall not fail. To do otherwise is not an option.

Transmission Ends:

14 March 2013

Deja Vu All Over Again

Personal Log:

[Feb 13, 2386 13:25] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory_ Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-282 hr

This is beginning to get tiresome in more ways than one. I have not slept in over 24 hours and the temptation to use a combat stim pack grows by the hour. All I want is to finish with current to do list, eat, shower and sleep. The only thing keeping me stim free is I know using combat drugs to cure sleep deprivation is a good way to rack up a serious body count.

Negotiations with Atum are reaching a delicate phase and every time I leave the turbo-lift on my way to nailing down an agreement a new crisis rears its head and I am called away to fight the crisis of the hour. I was 20 meters from the meeting room and I was prepared to get concessions in exchange for a sweet deal for my guest. There is no secret he is nervous being on-board the Victory and not governing his people. What he does not know is I know what he is after but is unwilling to say.

During our last communication I had to laugh. We are engaged in a contest of will and cunning. Both of us are adept at the art of shadow ops and love the game we are playing. Atum may not know it yet but I hold the key to his continued survival. In our last encounter "Golqua" actually sounded overtly flirtatious. When a scoundrel calls you by a pet name it is a good idea to unsheath your claws and watch your back. While I am flattered on a superficial level I could sense he was paying attention to something else in his cabin. I can only assume he has repaired his holographic "assistant"

Unfortunately once again I received a message calling me back to Echolynn base ASAP. I seriously doubt it will be good news. Gunny pings me and we meet at teleport chamber Alpha for the trip. We are grimly contemplating the reason for the recall. If the head of security and top ranking Earth Intel officer are clueless it is not a good sign. One thing which raises eyebrows is the message routing code. It is not from the Major as we would expect, it was clearly from Dr. Asham Rashid. Why our MD is issuing command orders makes no sense unless the Major has become even more reclusive and withdrawn than the last time I saw him.

I would have liked the luxury of flying Banshee 2 to the base, but I know it is faster and given my situation safer to teleport there. I am not old fashioned and fear the transfer. My main concern is arriving and being forced to wait 12 precious hours till the Victory is once again within the arc of our transmission window. I want to wrap things up and get back on-board Victory. There is ray of sunshine. I need to talk with Anton, Lenny, and Ardree should be arriving on the Gendauw courier ship with the plans for advanced escape pods. When the base was abandoned during the mutiny, all the pods were launched. Paetra's gift of Gendauw technology is much appreciated. When scanning logs from the base I noticed newly found artifacts on a manifest. It seems Peter is enabling Che to hoarde items and not share the information without a fight.

Energize! I can feel the effects of the transfer as I become a sparkling ghost on the transporter pad. I'm going, going, gone.

Transmission Ends:

13 March 2013

Bush War!

Com Log: Cmdr. Yamashita (Victory)

[Feb 13, 2386 14:00] (Sec Lev 4

Loc: Echolynn base Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-282 hr

To all Rhynoan governments tech level 6+

"It has come to my attention a bush war has broken out between two non-responsive governments who have refused to take part in our agreement to cooperate in a time of danger. What in the hell are these idiots thinking? Only fools fights in a burning house! This petty bush war must be stopped. As per the powers stated in the provisional articles of confederation we have been establishing the power of a unified Rhynoa to end this conflict before either side resorts to use of fissionable weapons must be brought to a close the sooner the better. I make this request for the well being of all of Rhynoa.

I am enclosing a frequency which will render combatants unable to continue armed combat. I wholeheartedly encourage the use of the information to put a end to this hostility immediately."

attached specs-brown noise.

Transmission Ends:

06 March 2013

Message log 02/13/2386 14:35

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 14:35] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory orbiting Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-285 hr

Begin data transmission

Distribution list as follows:
  1. Accashi Frolenda - Scior
  2. Vardragis Speos - Ulumad
  3. Ghodru Mateus - Balieum
  4. Julenis Ontarro - Lodesai
  5. Annice Airemae - Ceavelle
  6. Rep Jonath Cusalt - ARCADYL Junction
  7. Geddora Paloshe - Parleme

Message reads: Please contact me for a meeting at your convenience. signed Cmd. Kitsune Yamashita.

Begin data transmission

Distribution list as follows:
  1. Science Unit-Attn: Aston Tyriceus
  2. Security - Markus O'Brian
  3. Military Database
  4. Command level NTK
Data Object: Desc: tactical recording and deep scan of Raider Vessels and scans of the explosions. F/N: phe-00025
GET: Updates on communications/analysis

Victory security final preparation check All secure?

If all is in order It is time to meet with Atum.

Transmission Ends:

The Prodigal's Homecoming

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 - 14:25] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory outbound from Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-285 hr

UTFS Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
UTFS Victory in scale with the Nyad.

Rescue Mission

Today is the day. A day of celebration for all of Rhynoa and our effort to keep this planet free. Two hundred years ago I tossed out a message in a bottle and it has come back in the form of a legend. Long ago the Nyad launched in an ill-fated mission to the doomed planet Trispephane. During a time space journey back to That last day for Trispephane, we spotted the Nyad in shut down mode slowly moving toward destruction.

On the return trip we were able to establish contact with the automated flight systems and turn the Nyad around Their new heading was to bring them into near orbit with the gas giant after a two hundred year journey. Orders were changed to wake the crew during the last years of the trip. I had programed two robots of the same type on-board with all the information needed when they return home. Louie and Dewie performed flawlessly. During the last few days of their flight our long range scans showed it was under attack. Databases confirmed the raiders were operated by one of the slave states under control of the Phaerian Empire. As the Nyad races toward the Hectora system it steadily drops homing mines. These seem to have no effect on the shields of their pursuers.

I was on my way to my meeting with Atum when the Caxton sounded and I was called to the bridge. Reports were coming in on the situation and the course of action was clear. I called for status reports and ordered immediate launch and warp jump into the running fight. Navi reports a 2 minute ETA, Weapons control nominal, shields max, running like a bat out of hell.

I hail the Nyad and offer assistance. I can tell the captain recognizes me from the data archive. He smiles and we exchange names. He welcomes us and I give him our ETA. A squadron of Gendauw robotic ships are trailing behind. They will not be able to close to battle but will offer support as we near Rhynoa.

I have to admit he has guts if not tactical sense. During the running fight he turns and scores a broadside which cripples one of the pursuing raiders. Unfortunately the second raider hits the Nyad with a plasma vortex weapon which strips off his side shield and penetrates the hull. Damage reports flow in, bulkheads closed, damage sustainable

The seconds crawl by and I order rolling fire as soon as a weapon system comes in range. Slowly my shots take down their shields and I refuse to let him go. The raider disengages and attempts to flee. The hull begins to glow and the ship is motionless. scans show it is pushing hard to escape the pounding from the Victory, but it is unable to get away..

A new voice is coming through the com unit. It is Dr. von Schwanz aboard the Enciviar. He is attempting to get the crippled ships to surrender. In reply the face of unknown alien species appears and snarls at us. It raises it's fist and the screen goes blank. Twin explosions mark the last location of the crippled raiders. As with their masters no secrets will be discovered.

Messages have been sent to the people of Rhynoa about the return of the Nyad. As planed every transmitter capable of reaching them sends greetings and a welcome home to long lost heroes. I get a message of thanks from the captain. He is still processing the whole situation. I tell him it looks like he could use a drink and come on board when he can, we have a lot to talk about He is home again and his ship carry's the bounty of life nearly destroyed in the great war so long ago. Yes the Age of Miracles has not passed.

The Nyad's course is laid in for Echolynn base. Repairs have top priority. All scans of the Phaerian raiders is being sent to central archives. Victory is taking up orbit of Rhynoa and continuing rescue missions and coordinating communications with the surface. I am issuing commendations to the crew of the Victory in battle. We have drawn first blood in our fight for survival..

Hopefully I will make it through my meeting with Atum and then shower, eat and sleep. The Victory is running smoothly and the crew is frosty. X-O you have the con, Yamashita signing off.

Transmission Ends:

02 March 2013

New Graphics

First Look at New Armor Designs.

We have found large caches of armored vehicles on Rhynoa. If we expect a surface war it will be vital for us to break them out of storage. I've been working on a few examples for the game. I'll be posting them in the tech readout soon.

Rhynoan Light Armored Personnel Carrier

Rhynoan Light Armored Personnel Carrier

The light APC can carry a crew of two and up to eight troops in power armor. It is also used as a light reconnaissance vehicle. It is also employed in urban pacification and occupation missions.

Rhynoan Armored Personnel Carrier

Rhynoan Armored Personnel Carrier

The standard APC has more offensive weaponry and can carry a crew of two and up to ten troops in power armor. It is also used as a long range reconnaissance vehicle.

Rhynoan Armored Fighting Vehicle

Rhynoan Armored Fighting Vehicle

This Armored fighting Vehicle carries a crew of three. The need for extra power for the plasma cannon required installation of a small fusion reactor. It is primarily used as a light fire support vehicle vehicle.