23 February 2013

Medical Log Feb 13, 2386

Mission Log: Medical Department, Dr. Asham Rashid, CDR, UFSC, (temp. commission)

[Feb 13, 2386 15:31] (Sec Lev 9), Loc: Echolynn Base, New Baeldra (Rhynoa), Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr

Medical Personnel - Asham Rashid, M.D., Chief Surgeon,

·        Peter Von Schwanz, Psy. D., CDR, UFSC

·        Gendry Hollis, M.D., M.D.E (Medical Engineer)

·        Karen Robson, M.D.

·        Michael 'Mick' Lochrist, M.D.

It has been some time since I've taken a break to catch up on notes. Much has been going on, barely leaving time for mandatory rest periods, let alone performing proper documentation. In fact, things have been so chaotic that I've had to place numerous crewmen (particularly in Security) in "not-fit-for-duty" status to ensure that they had at least a bare minimum of sleep.

Upon our arrival at Echolynn Base, we were nearly immediately in contact with hostile sentients. Between cloaked assassins and mental and physical attacks by beings later determined to be Phaeran in nature, much good data has no doubt been lost.

Still, I will here attempt to capture such information as I can best recall, for the official record.

During the attacks, and lacking any clear knowledge, the xeno-literature being particularly thin on this topic, I concocted a broad-spectrum soporific, loaded charged hypodermics with it, and found it to be quite efficacious in quickly bringing a cloaked assassin who had invaded sick bay, rapidly into a state of unconsciousness. I have labeled this blend as NK-22. During the encounter with hostile Phaeran in the landing docks, I replicated two compressed liquid cylinders filled with NK-22, connected them to the ship's ventilation system, and found the mixture to also be effective against any of these attackers who had not yet raised a personal shield. The mixture is odorless, tasteless, and largely invisible save as a white fog immediately upon its release from the canister. The fog quickly dissipates as it expands. Time of effect varies slightly between sentient species, but was observed to be typically in the 1-3 minute range, with effects lasting up to 10 hours, per dose. Since then, additional canisters and hypodermics have been prepared and distributed to the Security Department, and others as requested, while maintaining sufficient stock close to hand in sick bay.

In the aftermath of the attacks, most available beds were filled. We have treated 32 crewmen and women, and have 3, including the Captain of UFSC Thucydides, in cryo. Some of the crewmen have been released (must remember to query Dr. Lochrist as to how many).

One item of particular note, resulting from the use of NK-22 during the attack was that we were able to recover two of the Phaeran attackers and immediately place them into cryo. Having researched the available literature, it appears that this may not ever have occurred previously. This gave us the very unusual, to say the least, opportunity to analyze blood samples from the subjects. They were all found to contain seven different sub-types of nano-biological autonomous robotic entities, which will be hereafter referred to as "nano-bots" or "nanites". For lack of better terminology, we have termed them Types A-G, and have been doing our best to determine their properties. Those appear to be as follows;

A. Reacts to the Phaeran equivalent of adrenaline, and emits a standing Alpha wave. Does not appear to be affected by exposure to EMP.

B. Jomm had some information on this one, believing it to be associated with a kind of phase shift. It is affected by exposure to EMP.

C. Exposure to N-Tridial causes this one to emit both heat and light. S-Tridial similar but to less effect. It does not appear to be affected by exposure to EMP.

D. Function unknown, but upon testing my own blood to see whether I might have become accidentally contaminated, found that this one was present. Upon testing other crew, found there to be a widespread contamination with Type D. Using phages extracted from the blood of LCDR Virgil, synthesized a counter-agent capable of neutralizing Type D, and inoculated all Terrans and Rhynoans. Those recovered from Rhynoa also appear to be coming onboard already infected. Subsequent testing has proved negative, but all such persons have been placed on weekly monitoring. This type appears to be affected by EMP. One possible function of this Type might be to make the carrier both contagious and more susceptible to attack or control by a Phaeran with one or more of the other Types. Testing continues.

E. In matrix, acts as a kind of biological Beta-storage. Is affected by EMP.

F. Noted that deceased Phaeran very quickly begin to decompose, resulting in a gas and little more. Type F remains and may be the active agent promoting such rapid decomposition. This Type appears unaffected by EMP.

G. No data with the exception of the fact that it appears to be unaffected by EMP.

Have been provided information that the Jango Brothers have some information on nanites in general. Future plans include discussions with them. Also of importance is that some individuals seem to have natural immunity, including LCDR Steve Virgil, Science Officer of UFSC Thucydides. (note to self, submit commendation recommendation for LCDR Virgil whose efforts in support of the medical mission while we had mass casualties and little staff beyond myself and two Medical Assistants, were essential to the mission's survival. He also conducted much of the experimentation on the nanites.)

Attended during the recent Black-Enciviar run after first briefing Dr. Robson of my intent upon return to attempt removal from cryogenic suspension, and emergency surgical repair upon the Captain, including sub-neural patching. Karen performed wonderfully in terms of having the surgery and the Captain well prepared upon my return. Dr. Von Schwanz was able to perform some rudimentary communications with the Captain prior to his full resuscitation. Little was learned, but we seem to have his approval for this attempt. Peter has agreed to observe during surgery. I will operate with Karen's close assistance and advice. Scans indicate that we will be required to perform moderate to significant dendrite-patch and reconstruction to fill in gaps in the neural network. Peter has had some experience dealing with patients who have been through this, and his input should be invaluable, particularly in regards to post-op rehabilitation. Peter will also remain in the communication net during the surgery. Karen and I will not, to eliminate potential distractions. We have requested the presence of four armed guards dressed in power suits to protect the surgery during this effort, and Security has responded favorably.

Finally, Kit has been requesting I produce a compound capable of extending organism health through extended periods without rest. While I can certainly provide a nutrient supplement, I have misgivings about incorporating the capability of greatly extending performance and no-sleep, beyond what is done with common battle drugs. As is well known, the "crash" following the normal 120 hour maximum usage of such drugs typically requires nearly forty-eight straight hours of sleep. Kip seems to be interested in being able to use this compound indefinitely. Going beyond the usual 5 day maximum would make death a real, and likely outcome. An extended period of delusion would be a near certainty. We shall have to discuss this further as events allow.


  1. Kitsune to Asham: I think you misunderstood what I was asking for. I see a point when we my be neck deep in an invasion and the project of moving Rhynoa. My request was for nutritive supplements to keep crew operating at an optimum level of health during the oncoming challenges. We can replicate it into food/beverages. I have replicator files for chocolate. It is one thing Rhynoa does not grow natively as far as I have seen. Almost Everybody loves chocolate.

  2. Asham to Kitsune; Easily done. Apologies for the misunderstanding.