25 May 2013

To look into the eyes of the unknown

Ship's Log: Cmdr Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 18, 2386 12:00] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: UTP Victory in orbit Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-24:00hr

UTP Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
UTP Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
The hours pass and the time draws near for the moment we have worked and planned for. There is still much to do but the main systems needed for the Chimera Exchange are operating nominally. We have discovered the service dock for the Niad (Anedra Base). It has five ships connected and hopefully in working order. The Niad crew will form the core of the flight operations with the aid of Rhynoan volunteers and New Bealdrin robots. The carriers will help defend us when we come out into the disorganized but still formidable Phaerian Planetary Assault Fleet.
The diplomatic mission with the Rhynoan states has helped set up a confederation and the mechanism for a planetary standing army. They have formally petitioned for member status in the USFC. We may need all the friends we can get on the other side of known space. Let's remember this is their planet,
Several events have transpired in sick bay. Dr. Asham Rashid (CMO) and Dr. Peter von Swantz (CPO) were running tests on a crewman from the Nyad when the subject experienced convulsions and rapidly lost consciousness. All attempts to revive him had failed. The patient was placed into stasis to prevent death.
News of the incident was sent to the commander of the Niad, Needless to say he was not pleased. I was able to defuse thye situation. The last thing we can afford is angering the Rhynoans. The stakes are too high to treat it lightly.
The sick bay was brought to high alert when the readings indicated the stasis field was down and the readouts of the patient's life signs went wild. His body spasmed and he bellowed in pain. His eyes opened. No longer blue, but violet. the Iddry on the base were called. They are as shocked as anyone else. They make a request to take him back to the Iddry home lands to protect others and himself from harm. We have seen something no being has seen till now. The spontaneous change from Rhynoan to Iddry. Tyriceus rushes in with Garten and Lenny. I know that look. The look that Aston has found a clue to what he really wants. I know his secret and I have to agree with him.
Once again we had some strange events in sick bay. Captain Ardean has been healing with the aid of one of the symbiont suits. He woke and began talking, slowly, with great effort is called out. I had been conferencing with Dr. Rashid and Paetra when the incident occurred. I decided to try my wraith ware to project into sickbay. I asked Paetra what should we do? Modayah never gave me the instruction manual for this toy. Genwauw have that perpetual dolphin like grin, but her face looked different. I could swear she was giggling. Knowing they have a sense of humor is a revelation. I focus and feel Paetra focus too. Suddenly we are on Eckolyn base in the sick bay. Unlike my previous attempts everyone can see me. Whether it is because I'm gaining control or Paetra is the cause.
The air parts and five Iddry and a tall old Gendauw appear. I recognize the Gendauw. He is one of the senior researchers. The senior Iddry sits on the bed next to the Captain. She smiles and asks him about his ship. to walk the decks and show where it was damaged and how he would repair it. When he falters she asks what would this officer or another would say. While they talk a message arrives from the repair dock. Something is happening to the Thucidites. It was repairing ifs self. All as good as new. Gleaming and ready for space again.
The rebirth of the Thucidites comes with a price. Our captain was carrying a heavy weight. He held the fate of us all in his mind. He is family and we shall care for him and nurse his wounds. But his days as a ship's captain has sadly ended. So say we all.

Morning Announcements.

  • I need status on the crew rescue mission. How soon can you complete it?
  • Recommendation for promotion of current XO of the Victory to Captain chair of the Thucidites.
  • Crew reassignments to man both the Victory and the Thucidites.
  • We need a break down on military assets released by the Rhynoan Confederation. ASAP
  • Commander O'Hara I need you to lead a mission into the base on the surface. You will take your team, several assets from Arkydal Junction and Atum is sending a guide/specialist to advise and secure the base from Sylvean forces. There are approximately five functioning reactors in the complex. Depth of the installation is unknown.
  • Repair status on the Wave rider. How long till Banshee is safe to fly?
  • Status of the relief effort around the blast site. Liaise through team sent by Dr. Asham Rashid.
  • Status of mine deployment and the big surprise.
We are at t-24 hours people. Let's look sharp, stay focused and frosty. To my XO congratulations. You deserve it. The fleet's back in town. Ensign Enrico Juarez please meet me in my ready room.
Transmission Ends: