23 April 2013

What's Been Transpiring in the Main Control Center?

Throughout the last week or so, JOMM and Tyriceus have gravitated back to put time at Echolynn's main control center hub.  JOMM has been running simulations based on the upcoming events that seem to be inevitable, to try and anticipate preparations. He has come up with a checklist of things that may be helpful to address:

1) Within the next two hours, it is strongly recommended to generate a Rhynoan draft or volunteer program of able-bodied surface dwellers for immediate induction to assist with manning the two orbital base stations' multiple functions (mining, applying agriculture measures to the wild-growing echosystem, manufacturing, flight and turret gunning training, etc.) for a crash course in apprenticeship. Include any and all with any space or aircraft experience.  Publish the call out to all Rhynoan Counsel members and have a quick medical/physical check, psychic profile and attribute program created and launched at these points. Cut it to transporting at least 200 able subjects (more if qualified) to be space-lifted and reported for duty within the cut-off time of 19 hours from this dictum.

2) Pilot inventory – how many do you have, what can they fly, and do they have back up? Prefer to have living pilots, or highly advanced AI units (very rare).

3) Inventory of global defense system: ground and air and orbital: How many ships?  Ground forces? Troops? Under whose command?

4) Massive scavenge campaign:  Urge all Rynoan counsel regions to create teams to scout out any local caches for war tech equipment. Most desired are orbital environmental suits, space breather units, vacuum-friendly firearms and ordinances, PGS (personal gravity stabilizers), emergency kits, pods, beacons, flares, radio communicators, pre-manufactured parts (JOMM can provide a catalog list of ancient ID codes for parts and maintenance kits)…imperative that teams are mustered and given enough time to perform a scav operation…all useable equipment must be available within 12-18 hours.

5) Retrieval of the ground-to-space large transporter (which was buried under a collapsed roof): A crew was sent a crew down about 3-4 days earlier. UPDATE: They’ve cleared the way and have also been working on the ship itself.  It will be very risky to attempt to take it into orbit, as it’s old and was exposed to years of atmospheric wear (albeit, in the shelter of its bunker).  However, the ground crew thinks it’s worth the risk to try and get it in orbit—if they do, and if they can get it to the ship yard they are confident that it can be fixed up good as new. They will use booster packs to help it leave atmosphere; if it flounders they will have to let it crash and abandon ship. Does the Party want to risk this now?

...more on this at game time.

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  1. Excellent list of suggestions. This will be sent to each ambassador and their staff on planet. STAT//

    I think all of you would like to expand available resources. The importance of this getting done immediately can not be stressed strongly enough.

    The invasion is coming soon. Our next move will strike a blow for all of those threatened by the threat of the Phaerian Empire. We jump soon. All the newly discovered resources are in my briefing. Reclaim your birthright. With cooperation and hard work we can and will survive and thrive.

    I do not demand, I ask you to do this for your world. Please let's get this done. The enemy is at the gate and we will be jumping into danger. However we have something no being has seen before. When we arrive our appearance will sweep many of our enemies into the jaws of the wave we face on Rhynoa. When we arrive there will be new friends on the other side. You will sit at the table as equals.