06 January 2013

Sit-Rep 001

The rescued mates from the Thucydides that may be of immediate assistance:
MEDICAL PERSONNEL - (female) Gendry Hollis, M.D., M.D.E (Medical Engineer); Karen Robson, M.D.; Michael 'Mick' Lochrist, M.D.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSONNEL (All psych personnel = degrees/practice in psychiatry + Ph.D. or Psy. D) - Lucas Gannon; Simon Lafferty; Elmina Juarez

OTHER PERSONNEL OF INTEREST - Rose Hadden, Matter Transference Technician; (male) Galis Moiraine (pronounced 'geh-LEE M'wha - RAIN') Optics Technician, specifically EHTOU-class.

The two planets most favorable for a targeted jump exchange (back in the USFC known quadrants), based on the (off the top of my head) matter/density ratio of no more than 0.05...this ratio and space volume may or may not include the target planet's moon(s), which may bring the ratio closer to stability. There are more, but the colonization worlds work best because they have very low (skeleton crew) populations, which consist of very few on the surface, and the planet is situated within the 'life zone' distance from its own sun.

As stated during the 1-3-12 session, cryo-stasis during the jump is not necessary, as the organic being would pass the near 52 hour jump as an instantaneous passing (though it would improve on safety measures). However, whatever effect caused by the difference in the mass/volume exchange would result in tumultuous 'planet adjustment', which may include massive storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, temperature flux spikes and all that good stuff for a period of hours to days--this would be experienced immediately by the jump subject.

I'll try to post more as I get it organized, including lotsa visuals.

your Eye in The Sky (EHTOU)


  1. Welcome on board ETHO! stats now set to admin. You have the helm. New update Tech Readout 2386 is in work. I will be adding a link on the main template ASAP. but for now please use the following: http://www.wwiaviation.com/Project_Virgil/