11 April 2013

Another Day at the Office.

Ship Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 14, 1386 time] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: UTFS Victory in orbit around Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-286 hr

Emergency Counsel Notes


  1. Sir Venn Eskieye - Scior
  2. Vardragis Speos - Ulumad
  3. Ghodru Mateus - Balieum
  4. Julenis Ontarro - Lodesai
  5. Annice Airemae - Ceavelle
  6. Rep. Demerrin Corblum - ARCADYL Junction
  7. Geddora Paloshe - Parleme
  8. Paetra - Neew Bealdra
  9. Represenative Atum - Jenko
  10. Represenative from Iddry.
  11. Captain of the Niad

Meeting notes

  1. Creation of a unified system of government. Files/drafts sent to offices of all the above.
  2. Pettition for membership in the USFC.
  3. Emergancy meeting for coordinating relief efforts from the attack.
  4. The Sylvan Raids and growing resistence.
  5. Dropping comm dowels to inform less technological nations of the danger to the planet.


Send official greetings to Accashi Frolenda and our regrets in his absence due to a sudden illness and physician’s orders. Offer any medical care assistance he might need. I welcome the House Regis, Sir Venn Eskieye and thank him capable consul in this time of change.

Send Rep. Jonath Cusalt of ARCADYL Junction my best wishes and thank him for a competent replacement in the upcoming deliberations. Please let Rep. Demerrin Corblum he is welcome on board the Victory. I will bring up the Sylvan raids and work on finding a measured response to this threat.

CC to O'Brien, command level officers on Echolynn base.

Contact Paetra, the Iddry and Ardrea about attendance.

Transmission Ends:

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