25 February 2013

To Sleep Perchance to Dream.

Personal Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 12:47] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory In orbit Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-298 hr

There is no rest for heroes. I look around me and see those I have lived and survived with through this non-stop torrent of events we have been forced to merey react to. For better or worse we are family. If there is a solution to the puzzle we are trapped in, I trust someone will connect the dots.

One thing bound us together on this mission. If we fall nobody will even remember us. We are all flawed; but we were hand picked for what seemed to be a one way mission. Nobody will remember or mourn us if we fall in defeat.That we have got as far as we have speaks to the strength of humanity within us all in the face of extinction. I reject the idea that the invasion has nullified any loyalty of The Terran Alliance. While we all live and breathe we are Terrans and We will not go quietly into the night! To say otherwise smacks of treason.and defeatism.

We have traveled to the ass end of nowhere on a one way fool's error. In spite of this we have found a way to become a force for unification of species into something more that our separate parts. We have ripped the mask off of Phaerian professed friendship to reveal the treachery that lies at their heart.

I've sent formal requests for updating feeds and answering questions from local governments to aid in handling military and first responders . It should also help in the search for missing crew-mates who can be either evacuated or redeployed.. Sent interchange with J454. Compete sanitation of any areas entered by diplomatic delegations. Sent for data on using replicated chemicals for that aug it's lovely.

Contact Paetra via bond on object of interest. Inform her she is needed to contact the base for analysis of artifacts and safe handling procedures. Distribution: all files to science team, command crew/Dept Heads: (need to know only) NB distribution Clearance evaluation pending..

I will be glad when I have a leash on Atoom so I can just say "Nice doggy". I keep trying to explain the facts of life. It is better to play the rooster than become a capon. I think it is time to whisper an alphanumeric series we found on both the Enciviar and Atoom's PALM-20 (Yes Peter you get a ring side seat. I would love to see the deep look at that moment of revelation.

I long for that time when I can be conscious but lucidly dreaming. Whether it is latent ESP or a side effect of my wet-ware does not matter. in some cases thoughts are more powerful than the flesh.

Diamonds are forever, but topaz will do.

Time to shake the trees and see what pops up. Send all: (sec-lev 18) file to who it may concern. (log all responses.)

Transmission Ends:

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