17 February 2013

Thoughts on ETOU's Last Post.

Sit-rep: If Black-Enciviar returns on time:
Wave impact on outer system parameter
Countdown Est.: 298 Hr.

    Telescope schedule progress seems to be slightly ahead of schedule

    There's one little bit of sunshine!
  • Enciviar image/state projection usage

    Setting up CHIMERA transponders on RABOD station terminals (× 5) to define the parameter signal for a possible 'world system' jump Progress: as of last check (shortly before leaving on Tristippean mission), all in place except for one unit. Team requested to set unit up at station location rather than enter into the base and join in with the base's system, like the previous transponders were assembled. The station in question was adjacent to one of the non-working (or non-existing) stations, and is critically-located to complete the system.

    The advantage to splicing in with the RABOD is thus: The RABODs are all directly linked to the Echolynn controller; the RABOD system would tend to boost, strengthen the signal and relay, and actually being inside with the base system would provide both security and proofing against accidents, as opposed to setting the transponder up to the base 'antenna' system.

    We need to get the system online as rapidly as we can. We need as many long range eyes as we can get at the moment.We also need the time to integrate all our systems together for the jump.
  • Setting the main CHIMERA transducer unit at polar opposite from the main power output (Medaveral Sphere @ Echolynn Base) for powering a massive CHIMERA Unit placed by Victory sub-team; may need to plant at least a two-man crew to make any last-minute adjustments should the power run prove to be slightly off at time of launch.This would be a dangerous volunteer mission.

    Alternate: A psycho-kinetic attempt to shape the power parameter via mass-visualization A veerrrrrry long shot, which would entail the Iddry to link with each other, and afford the Gendoaw to provide the 'path' of the Medaveral power to be directed, as the coordinates are controlled by the Terrans (via the EHTOU-to-Chimera drive connection).

    There has been a team tasked with the installation. I woud prefer using robotics to handle this sort of mission, however I recommend asking for volunteers to handle the last minute adjustments.
  • Jump Logistics Calculated

    Has the group determined which, of the 2-4 possible target planets, they will try to jump/exchange with, should the situation go that far?

    Note: refer to the planet stat matrix sheet for specification match up to strengthen the jump formula odds.

    I've already posted the reasons I think Deshem is the best choice.I go with my previous proposal barring new evidence via ETOU or Enciviar observations.
  • Rynoan Surface Loose ends, etc. Low priority?

    Retrieve the land equipment (walkers, tank, vehicles, etc.) stored at Metchmer Depot.

    Retrieve the large ground-to-space carrier ship found by Thucydides crew in an abandoned, but sheltered compound on the surface.

    Retrieval has some merit, however we may be seeing surface action against Phaerian forces. Redeployment of them may be a point against removing surface weapons at this time.

    We may be looking at a new power force being created, We did not get a chance to see what sort of weapons they had on board the Nyad.

    The heavy carrier is a priority project. I have a crew there who have installed force field generators to protect the craft while we clear away the collapsing structure around it. If we repair the Thucydides we will most likely need to go through the Gendauw at New Bealdra to produce sections and systems in their robotic factories, Add any production we can do on Echolynn nd we can get closer to the window.

  • Suggestion: made at Summit: Does Echolynn wish to have a delegate (in other words) representative directly at the base? This may be useful for dealing with a future situation, should the jump occur

    This suggestion just posted as a bonus for those of you who are now reading it Regard or disregard the suggestion.

    I think they should be able to have a voice in the current situation. We can gain allies and increase production.
  • A Tyriceus suggestion Solicit the “Gendoaw” for any 'tips' or equipment they can provide to Ehcolynn, should Pharean troops begin popping up from the worm hole.
  • Another Tyriceus suggestion Form a plan of action to take place for when/if they return to the Quadrants

    Note: Will the base gather intel to see how far a possible invasion has sprung? How about contacting any resistance? Helping out a fellow USFC (non-Phaeran) member civ: the Utosians and Nye-Orins? Etc.

    Yes on Gendauw request, I agree on forming plans of action to cover possible situations. We have the best imaging systems available compared to the other USFC allies. I see us as becoming one of the big players in fighting back the Phaerians while keeping a coordinated front with the Utosian and Nye-Orins. I also see a case for helping the Gendauw reunification.
  • WILD CARD: interference from worm hole (Phaeran) Egress being heavily guarded by New Baeldran task squadrons

    Note: Estimation for turn-around quick visitation could occur no sooner than 4-6 days from the time the 'portal' was 'charged' by the Pharean on the surface.

    We need to get our guard up and be ready for a bumpy ride.
  • WILDCARD: Phaerans 'seeded' on Rynoa for some time, gathering info If possible, they may have some local allies ready to do their bidding should things 'change' as the situation progresses

    Could this possibly occurred without the Gendoaw knowing about it? They did seem surprised when Ardre informed them that there were dead Phaerans on board the POM-15 when the group first arrived on Echolynn. It is also how the Phaerans operate - get seeded, gather intelligence, and be patient.

    This is a problem. I have discuss surgical operations if we find Phaerian sympathizers. The implication that Rhynoa may be seeded is extremely worrisome. There are many places Pherians could have hidden around the globe.Digging them out if they have had a two hundreds year head-start could be costly.
  • Thucydides repairs Is a team currently working on assessing the damage repairs?

    Note: it may be handy to have an fully-functioning star-traversing (armed) ship in the arsenal, whether than not have one. In effect, two Terran functioning ships are better than one.

    A second combat ready star ship would be most welcome. Please see my earlier comment.
  • WILDCARD: Production

    Is a team currently working on repairing the base's functions in regard to mining operations to supply raw materials to build equipment parts, robots, etc.?

    So far, only Marcus O'Brian has confirmed the condition of the machinery down in the mines. It has not been assessed yet for working capability or status

    One of the tasks JOMM was tasked with was a survey and diagnostic of systems on board Echolynn.
  • WILDCARD: Echolynn inhabitants - intel?

    There are still a handful of humans that seem to be living in the echochamber.

    I recommend tasking a communication/negotiation team with broadcasting a message to the humans living in the echochamber. Once contact has been established We can send conference briefing and make contact.
Choices, choices, choices...tick...tick...tick...

That's my thoughts on things, If you have ideas throw us a bone.

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