14 February 2013

Recap of 2-7-13 with Additional

The time excursion took place last week, whereby the Harrier Unit, along with Modyah, Tyriceus, and his entourage, embarked on a time/distance mission to pose crucial questions to Sipon, the Gendoawan Leader and Chief (metaphysical?) Scientist. Sipon had travelled with the Rynoans some 200 years hence and, according to Modyah, had agreed to 'help' the Rynoans in exchange for building a ship designed to his personal specifications (the Enciviar).


Although Sipon's agreement did not stipulate accompanying the Rynoan mission, Sipon had 'signed on' because there was something he wanted to study up close in the vicinity of Tristippe, the doomed planet. Modyah expounds that the area close to Tristippe was 'thin', and evoked curios conditions, both physical-and quantum-oriented.

As was fairly accurately surmised by the Echolynn team trying to verify whathappened on the ill-fated mission, at the time of the team's arrival onTristippe, the environment was in the act of breaking down, just before theSingularity event touched off (same event as seen in the amateur video clips that turned up with the derelict Enciviar back at Echolynn in the past).

The team arrived in the Gendoawan cross-ship (the distanceship, Black, was merged with the Enciviar to form a conduit for traveling through space at a point in past time). However on the way, they encountered the hibernating ship, the Niad, which had launched at the same time as the Enciviar (and the other, unknown Rynoan ship, of which there had to have been one).

The ship arrived during a high-alert turmoil. Between the chaos that was underway, the team's worn disguises (hazmat uniforms) covered the security issue of those in the party not similarly-clad, and they were only confronted for security check at the main building, and again at the main floor.

Via Modyah's attunement to Sipon, the group hurriedly ascended a non-discreet building and located Sipon at an upper floor. Although the group was able to communicate with him without much trouble, he did not seem to give straight answers to all of their questions. As a matter of course, much of what he said was a bit open-ended, almost parable-like. It amounted to the following with room left over for interpretation:...what may be derived from the Siphon conversation...

  • Go back to the beginning.
  • Siphon hinted that there is a cyclic pattern as structure to the course of (time?...and) events. Perhaps things can be 'influenced' at the beginning stage once one gets there (?). Reset?

    Coincidentally, if the Event Horizon is expanding outward, and the Wave event is travelling in the opposite direction of the EH, then a casual glance at the situation would conclude that the Wave is contracting against the progress of the EH. But if such is the case, then it would take some 13.75+ billion years (the current predicted age of the Universe) for the Wave to 'put the Universe back into its box', back to the 'beginning'…unless perhaps, if entropy breaks it down faster than it has been building. If such is the case, then the Wave would be acting outside of, or contra- (hyper-?) quantum physics? Such might help to explain why the thing seems to currently be 'unstoppable'…maybe it has a purpose, or has purpose behind it (?).

  • But what does this have to do with the Cube (to put it bluntly: is it, in effect, as was coined by Tyriceus, “God's Remote Control”?)?. Did it really come from 'nothing', from the non-existent side of singularity? Did the Cube initiate the Wave, or vice-versa? With such hinted-at capability the status of the Cube would then climb from high tech object to 'Artifact'. What are (you) supposed to do once you get to the beginning? Change channels? Start-over? Perhaps influence things early on, like the evolution of the Phaereans, for instance? Humans? Do you (as imperfect humans) wish to wield the power of a True God? Do you dare?

In a way, this is what Tyriceus was going for when he thought (still thinks) that N-TRIDIAL can serve to 'evolve' humans enough so they can combat the Phareans on a more evenly matched scale. Judging from what the Iddry (Ardre) are capable of, yet still able to hold onto their humanity (as far as you can tell), this judgment would be valid on the grounds of species survival. But then there always seems to be that nagging side-effect to good intensions.

Anyhoo, on the way back, the Gendoawan cross-ship ( Black-Enciviar ) re-encountered the Niad in all its suspended glory. Theu must return (to beginning point at Echolyyn) within a certain time window in order to close the time-distance bubble, which allowed the group to travel to Tristippe for the mission. What the consequences are if this doesn't happen are up on the air (although Modyah will have a good idea).


There is a window of opportunity of approximately 21-25 minutes whereby they can influence the Niad , and still make it back to Echolynn on time. The Niad does contain some 500-1500 (reported) suspended subjects, most likely a trained crew of Rynoans, along with an entirely cataloged genome bank, with complete with cross-DNA coded mapping reference and micro (nano?) samples…veritably an 'Instant Earth' Kit. Many good suggestions have been discussed as to a course of action (leave a robotic crew to pilot the ship off to a different area, tow the ship, etc.).

Some additional things to consider:

  • The Niad did not leave the ship unguarded; there is a (known via Echolyyn records) defense mechanism for anyone (thing) boarding the ship. The first line of defense is a robot command unit on 'standby'; any physical access detected will trigger an investigation—but does that mean 'physical' hull breach (parameter compromise), or actual presence within the ship parameter (such as teleporting entry), or either? The second is a 'wake' function actovation for a portion of the crew (listed as a group of key members (four in all)…most likely to initiate things from a human mind stand-point, because whoever wakes up will not be in immediate condition to go into action. The third line is a complex procedure, which unit-locks everything down but leaves the access ways open. Outer portals connected to the ship are opened, and the entire causeway is 'flushed' into space. Then again, perhaps maybe the system won't even work after all these years, considering it was only supposed to be in space for approximately 4-6 years, lagging behind the vanguard group until 'called for' by them.

  • A PARADOX: If boarding the Niad triggers a 'wake-up ' call—even for one member— the Niad's they will discover that Tristippe doesn't exist anymore, and turn back to Rynoa (200 years prior). What would then happen, in effect, to the genome? The crew would most likely assimilate back to the planet's surface, or go the way of the original Echolynn inhabitants. But this would no doubt also change the events that occurred at Echolynn (ergo, maybe the base would not undergo mutiny, etc.). Would the base then still be in operation 'today'? Would the genome bank then be located on Echolyyn ?

EHTOU telescope schedule progress

Seem to be slightly ahead of schedule

Enciviar image/state projection usage

Setting up CHIMERA transponders on RABOD station terminals (x 5) to define the parameter signal for a possible 'world system' jump

Progress: as of last check (shortly before leaving on Tristippean mission), all in place except for one unit. Team requested to set unit up at station location rather than enter into the base and join in with the base's system, like the previous transponders were assembled.

The station in question was adjacent to one of the non-working (or non-existing) stations, and is critically-located to complete the system.

The advantage to splicing in with the RABOD is thus: The RABODs are all directly linked to the Echolynn controller; the RABOD system would tend to boost, strengthen the signal and relay, and actually being inside with the base system would provide both security and proofing against accidents, as opposed to setting the transponder up to the base 'antenna' system.

Setting the main CHIMERA transducer unit at polar opposite from the main power output (Medaveral Sphere @ Echolynn Base) for powering a massive CHIMERA

Unit placed by Victory sub-team; may need to plant at least a two-man crew to make any last-minute adjustments should the power run prove to be slightly off at time of launch.This would be a dangerous volunteer mission.

Alternate: A psycho-kinetic attempt to shape the power parameter via mass-visualization A veerrrrrry long shot, which would entail the Iddry to link with each other, and afford the Gendoaw to provide the 'path' of the Medaveral power to be directed, as the coordinates are controlled by the Terrans (via the EHTOU-to-Chimera drive connection).

Jump Logistics Calculated

Has the group determined which, of the 2-4 possible target planets, they will try to jump/exchange with, should the situation go that far?

Note: refer to the planet stat matrix sheet for specification match up to strengthen the jump formula odds.

Rynoan Surface Loose ends, etc.

Low priority?

Retrieve the land equipment (walkers, tank, vehicles, etc.) stored at Metchmer Depot.

Retrieve the large ground-to-space carrier ship found by Thucydides crew in an abandoned, but sheltered compound on the surface.

Suggestion: made at Summit: Does Echolynn wish to have a delegate (in other words) representative directly at the base? This may be useful for dealing with a future situation, should the jump occur

This suggestion just posted as a bonus for those of you who are now reading it

Regard or disregard the suggestion.

A Tyriceus suggestion

Solicit the “Gendoaw” for any 'tips' or equipment they can provide to Ehcolynn, should Pharean troops begin popping up from the worm hole.


Another Tyriceus suggestion

Form a plan of action to take place for when/if they return to the Quadrants

Note: Will the base gather intel to see how far a possible invasion has sprung? How about contacting any resistance? Helping out a fellow USFC (non-Phaeran) member civ: the Utosians and Nye-Orins? Etc.

WILD CARD: interference from worm hole (Phaeran)

Egress being heavily guarded by New Baeldran task squadrons

Note: Estimation for turn-around quick visitation could occur no sooner than 4-6 days from the time the 'portal' was 'charged' by the Pharean on the surface.

WILDCARD: Phaerans 'seeded' on Rynoa for some time, gathering info

If possible, they may have some local allies ready to do their bidding should things 'change' as the situation progresses

Could this possibly occurred without the Gendoaw knowing about it? They did seem surprised when Ardre informed them that there were dead Phaerans on board the POM-15 when the group first arrived on Echolynn. It is also how the Phaerans operate - get seeded, gather intelligence, and be patient.

Thucydides repairs

Is a team currently working on assessing the damage repairs?

Note: it may be handy to have an fully-functioning star-traversing (armed) ship in the arsenal, whether than not have one. In effect, two Terran functioning ships are better than one.

WILDCARD: Production

Is a team currently working on repairing the base's functions in regard to mining operations to supply raw materials to build equipment parts, robots, etc.?

So far, only Marcus O'Brian has confirmed the condition of the machinery down in the mines. It has not been assessed yet for working capability or status

WILDCARD: Echolynn inhabitants - intel?

There are still a handful of humans that seem to be living in the echochamber.


Choices, choices, choices...tick...tick...tick...

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