16 March 2013

Picking Up the Pieces

Mission Log: Cmdr. Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 14, 2386 02:20] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory orbiting Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-266 hr

Alert Status: Red Alert

Ship Status: Nominal

UTFS Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.
UTFS Victory in orbit above Rhynoa.

The Phaerian Sucker Punch

It would seem that we forced the Phaerian's hand and They responded by attempting to destroy what they wanted to gain by a silent takeover. Their plan was audacious and should have worked as they had planned. We did not win this exchange by strategic superiority. It was a matter of luck. Perhaps I am too harsh in my assessment. Without our planning and quick thinking of our people we would all be screwed. Rhynoa would be destroyed and we would have been forced to flee ill prepared for the near future. Kudos to Major Magoo, Dr von Shwantz, Cmdr O'Brien, the crew of the Victory and our Iddry and Gendauw allies.

O'Brien has back tracked and established the launch points for the attack. His immediate reaction was for a strike to neutralize any threat. Initially I was of the same opinion. However on second thought I believe a more measured response is needed. We know Phaerians can use mind control to force people to do their will. Most likely the perpetrators had no knowledge of their actions. We can't lay waste to highly populated areas to kill enemies who in all probability are no longer on the planet. We do need to investigate the explosion on the surface ASAP. It appears to be a trap to lure us into the blast zone. The only reason our expeditionary force survived was due to the presence of an Iddry elder who mitigated the damage.

Orders are as follows:

  • Security Section: I am placing you under command of Cmdr O'Brien. Please give him your full support. We need to be on guard.
  • Diplomatic Team, proof and recheck both the Articles of Confederation, the Petition for USFC Membership, Conference notes and presentations based on attack. work with Communication team to get the conference scheduled for Feb 14, 2386 12:00. Please contact the commander of the Niad to bring an assistant and attend the conference. He will need a per-confrence briefing to bring him up to speed on the current situation.
  • All departments full status reports ASAP
  • Maintenance: Status on repairs of wave rider and progress on key projects
  • Communication team: I need all updates from Echolynn base.
  • We need to test the RABOD field system ASAP.
  • Team Atum: please do a final sweep and prepare for my arrival in an hour.
  • XO to the bridge, You have the con, notify me ASAP if needed.

To the crew of the Victory. No captain of a vessel could be prouder of a crew's service in times of crisis than I am of you. Never have we faced a situation so dire and important. You are my family and I shall never forget it. I will be forced to lead us all into danger, but I will never make you sacrifice in vain. This I swear on my life and honor. We stand on the brink of a new era and we shall not fail. To do otherwise is not an option.

Transmission Ends:

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