21 March 2013

The First Station of the Nightmare.

Video clip: Snowflake 0101

Terran Intelligence Directorate

Security Level: 18

Attention - Warning:
Unauthorized access or distribution of Material
is punishable by permanent personality death.

Playback Enabled.

A cool blue glow fills the darkened humming room. Something chirps in time with the oscillation of colored lines dancing in the air. She is 15, dressed in paper gown. A grid of light traces lines over her body.

She shivers in a constant stream of cool air whispering over her skin. "Relax please, do not move, it 's not dangerous but you might break the monitoring link." The technician adjusts her head in the restrainer field. When satisfied the fine adjustments are optimal, she smiles. pressing her thumb on a biometric key mounted on the scanning bed. "Now count backward beginning with 10."


White, freezing cold, trapped unable to move. My right hand is going numb I try to wiggle my fingers only to find they will not open. It dawned on me. My hand was wrapped tight in a larger one. "Father, speak to me, please...". No voice answered. She was alone and going to die on her 12th birthday.

Her conscious faded and she dreams of a party in Paris with her family. She woke to furious digging sounds and the arctic blast roaring through a bright blue hole above her. Yellow figures dug and pulled her out of her prison. They lifted her into a medical pod. As the lid closed she heard the words: Poor kid, there were no more survivors.

In the world outside her dream state an man in a suit peers down at her. His gaze sweeps over the ever changing patterns in the air. He points at a spot on a display and nods his head. "There, just at that memory point. I would like you to set a trigger for this." He hands a technician a memory rod which is slotted into the reader on the bed. "Excellent! Please let me know when she is sent to the recovery suite. I would like to speak with her when she regains consciousness." He looks around the room his eyes making contact with all around him. "Let me remind you everything that happened in this room today is classified top secret. Thank you for your cooperation. When you have finished please report for memory suppression. That is all, good day." He slips into the shadows and exits silently.

Transmission Ends:

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