08 December 2012

Goddess Gambit: First Move

MIssion Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[March 11, 2386 20:16] (Sec Lev 04)

Loc: Asteroid Base near Hectora 1 (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-372 hr

People of Rhynoa. I am speaking to you as a bearer of terrible news and bright hope. The bad news is your planet will cease to exist due to a destructive wave front rapidly moving toward your world. Data shows impact will occur in 24 rotations of your world.

I am sending all collected information to each government and population centers. Please examine them in detail. We must all work together to save your planet and people. Contact us for any further information and any observations.

It is important we hold a conference to coordinate this effort. For too long your people have been divided and in need of healing. In the coming crisis internal conflict has no place. I await your response and look forward to working with you all in this time of danger.

Transmission Ends:

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