20 January 2013

Sit-Rep 003

  1. Live Chat:

    Live chat is currently unavailable due to security warnings issued. I will look for a flash based vesion which will avoid issues.

  2. Technical readout:

    I've added new pages, images and tweaked the sidebar navigation. Any feedback welcome.

  3. Fave Icon:

    Yes I know it does not add much, but it will have a unique icon the make it ours.

  4. Polls:

    We can and I am going to post polls for the group. Go to page layout to add a poll(There is an add a widget button to create the poll. It is an easy process.

  5. Character Page:

    I've been trying to add all new characters as they appear. I missed a few and need to get some info from ETOU.

  6. Author rights:

    All group members have the right to publish whatever they see fit. that was part of the reason for the blog group.


    Remember you have two choices, 1 to reply to a comment or 2 make a new comment for other members to comment on.

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