19 January 2013

Relax Peter!

Mission Log: Kitsune Yammashita

[Feb 13, 0346 time] (Sec Lev 12) cc. dep-team 1

Loc: UFSC Victory in orbit (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-300 hr

Squire Message to Peter von Swantz [sec lev 14]

Peter, read and give me your feedback...BTW please do not freak out when I do what I do. Atoom is a cream-puff. He may be scum, but he can be our scum. He is very good at the game I give him that. BTW please get security to sweep the Palm 20 etc for surveillance devices. One thing I learned is Atoom has had us under an unblinking eye and has been busy building his own dossiers. I think you will agree this is unacceptable. But with proper handling I think he will roll over and play nice doggie. If not I can damp all power sources in Jenko for a couple hours to remind Atoom who is in charge. He is an opportunist and he thinks we can provide opportunities. //attached atoom/yamashita-01-1

Presentation Working Script

I welcome you and offer an open hand in the name of fraternity and cooperation. Life is precious in the deep expanse of space. We Traveled here to see what had not been seen before What we saw was why we are here today. We had not hoped to find intelligent life in this star system. We found you, and when looking closely we discovered we have found our own people .so far from our home.

Run Genome Match Presentation

Events are have transpired,which has made our our lives even more precious than we ever dreamed. There is a threat to your mutual safety which is rapidly running their course.We stand at the gates of oblivion but we must not fear.

Together through cooperation we will all survive and thrive. We are one people and we reach out to protect family no matter how far from home who find them self in danger.

Run Simulation Latest: [full hologram version]

We have a plan to ensure the survival of all Rhynoans no matter what species. There will be some geophysical disturbances, however we are working to make any discomfort as minimal as possible. In me you have a voice for your concerns and aspirations.

There is a common threat to our survival. A war which has swept through known space The deadliest enemy in known space has discovered Rhynoa and seeks conquest, slavery and genocide. This I will NOT! allow... Nor would anyone of you. Working together Rhynoa shall bloom again a jewel in the community of space-faring species.

Run Phaerian comp.[Baeldra Attack, Earth Attack, selected security stock footage.]

I have requested protective status through to protect your planetary sovereignty. When you are ready You will be given your rightful place among space-faring civilizations. To do this you must lay aside any old grievances and focus on rebuilding your planet. There are many wounds to your world still in need of healing. You need to thrive and have more happy babies. But if you need to fight, there is more than enough opportunity to gain honor in combat protecting your home at our side.

Transmission Ends:

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