03 January 2013

Devil in the Details

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 12, 2386 15:15:47] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: Victory New Baeldra Rhynoa

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr

Work progresses on the Gendaow part of the grand solution. Arrangements have been made to begin tests and interrogations by the Gendaow. I have discovered the existence of a lost group of Gendaow survivors who escaped Baeldra during the Phaerian Genocide. There is hope that the species can rebuild a viable civilization on a new home world.

One thing bothers me. Hidden in the specifications of the Chiamera drive briefing I see a potential danger. There are safety measures which will protect the Terrans, however without the help of the Idree we may well save the planet but doom the inhabitants to death or at least serious cellular damage. I am forwarding data to Tyrecies and Dr. Rashid. I a now discussing the issue with Modayah and Idree. I think we have the key to the problem.

The Secret of the Idree

We know during the nuclear war on Rhynoa the casualty rate was dramatically lower than any optimistic projection we can make. From records it appears the Idree were able to save the planet in those dark days. I am taking Ardree home to see if they can help save the population of Rhynoa once again.

Military Madness

Transmissions from the Base are cause for worry. Ever since we arrived the military has attempted to pervert our mission into a military exercise and a treasure hunt for more shiny toys to kill people easier. Che has exhibited extremely erratic behavior and judgement. I do not think he has the best interest of the expedition in mind. This is a worry since he has seized control of the most dangerous technologies we have found on Rhynoa.

I am left with no choice but to formally request a psyche evaluation of major Magoo to determine his ability to exercise command. Formal notice has been sent to both Dr. von Swantz and command of the Victory.(Sec Lev 13)

Transmission Ends:

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