17 January 2013

Hello Victory, Kitty's Back!

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamishita

[Feb 12, 20:06 time] (Sec Lev 14)

Loc: Waverider transorbital to Victory (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-305 hr

Attention Victory: on arrival please assemble the negotiation/security teams. Also have medical standing by with my vaccination for Rhynoan Flu. A fresh dress uniform for this circus would also be a good thing.

Ekolyn Base: mission accomplished. Does anyone have a 20 on O'Brian?

We have the football Kitty's back!

Transmission Ends:


  1. Victory acknowledge... Ship safety protocol to diplomat visitation status access array (off-limit areas on lock down and marked as such, etc), with yellow overall ship alert. Quarters provided for guest and escort for no more than 18 hours from arrival. Itinerary suggests 1) assigned ship welcome committee full escorts for each guest/escort, 2)Ship tour (?), 3) Refreshments, 4) Meeting proper, with schedule outline. Security check officer with weapon check depot, etc.

    A full list matrix with guest liaison/escort, home port name and location, and an opportunity to official convey questions, which can be covered during the meeting.

    1. Yes on ship tour. Refreshments... Time for that chef I thought about stealing to show off (Within the local cultural norms.) We will need a simulation to run for presentation. Enough to show them the problem, but not too much so things go into the weeds. Make sure all contact personnel have latest translation matrix upgrades. Docking procedures complete.