07 January 2013

New Help, New Hope

Mission Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 15:31] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: New Baeldra (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr


Of the two planets most favorable for the targeted jump exchange my vote is for the target in Utosian space. We have already sent a warning to evacuate. Changing targets and issuing new warnings could be fatal for any personnel on that planet.

The rescued personnel from the Thucydides should be be assigned as quickly as possible to section officers. Whether they will work on base or the Victory is a matter of the section officer's discretion.

Medical Personnel - Dr. Asham Rashid
  • Gendry Hollis, M.D., M.D.E (Medical Engineer)
  • Karen Robson, M.D.
  • Michael 'Mick' Lochrist, M.D.
Psychological Personnel - Dr. Peter von Swantz
  • Lucas Gannon
  • Simon Lafferty
  • Elmina Juarez
Technical Personnel - Dr. HermanTyriceus
  • Rose Hadden, Matter Transference Technician
  • Galis Moiraine Optics Technician, specifically EHTOU-class.


The rescue of the Strango brothers and retrieval of the Phaerian casualties on the incoming freighter is imperative.

Communications with the existing population are coming in and a new update on the situation is needed ASAP. All communications from the surface should be handled by the communication team on-board the Victory. Their translator files for the different Rhynoan languages so it should be a simple matter. I have tasked the Victory to teleport delegations on-board and make facilities available for the conference. Security procedures will be handled by our security chief Markus O'Brian. I presume in addition to testing representatives to rule out Phaerian operatives nanite and weapon scans will be in effect. The conference will be short, however it is necessary for the ongoing diplomatic mission. I will be attending the conference with representatives of the Genduw and Idree. This will also allow transporting the "package" to the Victory where it can be delivered to base.
Please keep me apprised of any new events.
Transmission Ends:

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