16 January 2013

A Blast From the Past

Personal Log: Kitsune Yamashita

[Feb 13, 2386 15:52] (Sec Lev 12)

Loc: New Baeldra (Rhynoa)

Estimated Safe Launch Window Time: T-311 hr

Life on Rhynoa has changed me. It is like I had lived in a small box half blind and powerless. I have been reborn and now fully I am awake. Something happened which drove the point home. While in the middle of dealing with logistical issues and hammering out details for the conference with the powers that be on the surface a voice filled my head. What made matters even stranger is the voice was of someone I thought was most likely dead at the hands of Phaerian agents. It was one of the Strango brothers. In our silent conversation I was able to establish the fact they were still alive.

I took a chance to test out new found abilities I have discovered to try an experiment. I trusted my intuition and assumed a stable posture suited for meditation. I opened up and pushed out in an attempt to project my being out to manifest where the voice was coming from. For a first attempt I was more successful than I could have hoped for. I was suddenly in a cabin with the Strangos, Deshem was tending to his brother who was sprawled on the deck when he looked up and saw me there. Our communication was cut short when a Pharaen appeared, looked at me and suddenly I was thrown back into my body shaken and filled with nausea.

With the aid of the Gendaow I was able to pinpoint the location of the ship they were on and forward the information to security on Echalan Base. Gunny informed me the base was on a security lock-down and there are a few situations seriously in need of a solution.

My partial success with projection tempted me to make a second attempt to project my awareness onto the base. It was like being a ghost walking the corridors to the main control room. The major was there but unaware of my presence. I was surprised when Lenny turned and looked at me. He slapped his eye and looked again,his fingers danced over his squire unit. Then he spoke and said "Kit is that you?". The major was still oblivious. It took Lenny sending him the proper settings but he seemed to still have problems bring me into focus. Fatigue quickly set in and I was forced to drop the projection. I was nauseated and got the impression my wetware was the only thing that kept me from vomiting. In the end I did discover 2 things: (1) I can project through a force field and rock. (2) There is more to Lenny than meets the eye. I need to buy him a drink and get to know him.

On my end things are moving quickly. Coordinating communications with Victory and with the aid of Modayah for the cooperation of the Idree in the rescue mission. Ardree and Modyah listened to my requests and retired to private quarters to confer. When they returned they were in the company of an ancient Humanoid. From his lavender eyes it was obvious he was Idree. At first he stood silent gazing deep into me. I did not close my mind to him but invited him to look into my mind. He remained impassive but stated that Although Ardree was young, he granted permission to have him speak for his people. There is little to do but return to the Victory with Ardree and the female Gendaow representative Paetra.

So much to do and so little time. Banshee is fueled and ready for take-off. Time to get this show on the road.

Transmission Ends:

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